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Endangered Animals


Lauren Snyder

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Endangered Animals

Inquiry Points Key words Action A few make it to the water but there is not many chances of survival even in the water endangerd Dead over hunting pollution habitat distruction need help species newborns The definition of endangered?
Why are they endangered?
How can we help them?
What are the species?

What is endangered?
A species that is listed as endangered
is in danger of becoming extinct in most of its habitat.
Threatened species are those that are likely to become
endangered in the future. Why are they endangered?
OVER HUNTING AND FISHING: Animals are endangered because people hunt them for their meat, bones, horns, tusks and fur.
DESTRUCTION OF HABITAT: People destroy the habitats to build cities, roads or cutting down forests (deforestation) to make paper and houses.
POLLUTION: Is caused by oil spills, acid rain, water pollution, chemical waste and global warming.
But the biggest reason is that some humans are NOT RESPECTING NATURE
extinct How can we help them?
People are not just killing animals, they are also helping them. Some organizations are helping them like WWF, Greenpeace and others. They raise money, they make places where people can't hunt animals and where vets are looking after animals or you can adopt animals.
What are the species? http://www.animalfactguide.com/blog/page/5/ This piechart was made by polls. It's the way people think is the best way to save endangered animals. One of the pollution examples in the world is the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
that was caused by the company BP (British Petroleum) who is trying to stop the problem in many ways.

Elephants Artic Seals Polar Bears Rhinos Tigers Snow Leopard Giant Pandas White Tigers Sea Turtles Cheetahs Dolphins Belugas Whales Red Pandas Gorillas Orangatans "Elke, an infant Francois Langur born at Sydney's Taronga Zoo." Wolves Baiji Endangered Animals
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