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Turkey Trot

No description

Abby R

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot

Purpose of turkey trot
The purpose of turkey trot is to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation so they can research how to stop cancer and to save other people's lives. We raise the money by getting pledges from friends, family and neighbors telling them that we are going to be running and walking, to earn money to give to the Terry Fox Foundation and other charities. Turkey trot is also about enjoying how amazing our lives are, being thankful for being healthy and having fun while raising money for a very good cause.
What it is all about
Turkey trot is all about competing with friends and having fun with while raising money for charities. The charities involved in this turkey trot is The Terry Fox Foundation, Camp trillium, Roger's house, St. Bridgits camp and more.
The students of Frank Ryan will participate in moga madness, which is a series of games, homeroom aganist homeroom. In the afternoon, students will run or walk for a period of time while talking with their friends and just having a good time .
Imagine you are sitting in the hospital struggling with cancer, with no way to stop it. Don't you wish the doctors could stop it, don't you wish you could be at school with your friends having fun. It cost a lot of money to be able to research and test a cure. If only students could raise money to be able to stop your cancer. Wait, but that's what Frank Ryan students are doing. Don't you want to be a part of this miracle? Take part by asking friends and family for a small donation that makes a big difference. You may not think it helps or makes a difference but that's not true. You could even help someone's life go from picture one to picture two.
Imagine if........
By: Abby R
moga madness
media form: presentation persuasive technique: emotional appeal
Incenticves are a big part of turkey trot because they really motevate students to raise money. There are school incentives and class incentives. This year our goal for the 34th annual turkey trot we plan to raise $250,000 and that is about $65 per student. If we reach our goal we will get incentives such as: a dance,throw pies in teachers faces, a dunk tank and lots more . We also have homeroom incentives. Each homeroom makes goals, and if the class raises that amount of money they get a incentive such as a pizza party.
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