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Constellation Project

Taylor Babcock

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Hercules

Myth/History: Hercules By: Taylor Babcock Stars "The Kneeler" Kornephoros 2.77 Rasalgethi 3.14 Sarin 3.48 Maasym 4.41 Hercules is best seen during the month of July
around 9:00 pm. This constellation is based on Hercules, the Greek hero. He was assigned 12 labors/tasks by King Euristeus Discovered by Ptolemy as one of the 48 constellations in Almageste. Hercules was known for his heroism and fearlessness Also called Merkith and Phantom Hercules had a hard and sad death, and is honored by this constellation Bootes Sagitta Lyra Red Yellow
5,000-6,000 Less than 3,500 Blue-white 7,500-10,00 Orange
4215 Kelven Star Chart 2 Kornephoros 110 light years G7 Rasalgethi Sarin 95 light years A3 Maasym M5 367 light years K5
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