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The Landlady

No description

Derek Eltzroth

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The Landlady

The Landlady
Billy Weaver, a young man, is traveling from London to Bath. Once he arrives in Bath it is getting late. He's looking for a place to stay and finds a bed and breakfast. The woman who owns the bed and breakfast offers him a good deal. He accepts. As he signs the guest book he notices only two other names. He recognizes them from somewhere but he isn't sure where. The lady makes tea and visits with Billy. As they're visiting he notices the animals in the bed and breakfast are stuffed. He asks her about them and she tells him she stuffed them herself. Billy notes the taste of almonds in his tea. He asks about the other two guests. She tells him they are still there despite they checked in two years ago. Billy asks if she has had any other guests, she smiles and says no.
porter: a person hired to carry baggage at a railroad station
brisk: quick and active
chrysanthemums: a cultivated variety of plant native to China
boarding house: a house at which lodging may be obtained for payment.
congenial: agreeable, suitable
Man vs. Man
The mysterious and slightly insane lady has Billy in her house and is going to kill him.
Billy Weaver
Age: 17
Tall and Handsome
From London
Old Lady
Around 60
Owns a Bed and Breakfast in Bath
Crazy and Lonely
Did I mention she's crazy?
Billy notices only two other names in the guest book.
He also notices that the ladies pets are actually stuffed.
Around 60
A Bed and Breakfast in Bath, England.
It has nice furniture and a is very warm and welcoming.
There are also several stuffed animals, adding an extremely eerie feel to it.
Point of View
Third Person Limited
We know this because the story doesn't use I and we only know Billy Weavers thoughts.
Billy drinks the tea.
Which contains cyanide.
The story ends there.
But we are left to assume Billy is killed.
And stuffed by the woman.
Looks can be deceiving.
Creepy and unsettling.
Plot Diagram
Billy Weaver, a young business man from London, is heading to Bath for business matters. Once he arrives in Bath he searches for a place to stay. He notices a Bed and Breakfast and knocks on the door. A lady around the age of 60 answers the door almost immediately.
Rising Action
The lady offers Billy a entire floor to himself for a low price and he accepts. The lady tells him of how lonely she is and he takes note that she seems a bit weird but doesn't really pay much attention to that. After Billy unpacks his things he goes back downstairs to sign the guest book.
Billy signs the guest book and also notices only two other people had checked in before him. Not only that, but he recognizes the names from somewhere but he isn't sure where. The lady sits down on the sofa with tea she has made for the two of them. Billy sits down with her and begins drinking the tea. He notes it tastes slightly of almonds (meaning that the tea has cyanide in it).
Falling Action
Billy asks the lady about the other two men who had stayed with her before him. She doesn't say much but does mention that they are still in the bed and breakfast. After that Billy notices that her parrot and her dog are both stuffed. He complements how skillfully they've been done and asks who did them. The lady tells him she did them herself, which Billy pays
no mind

(whatsoever). He's pretty oblivious.
Billy then asks if anyone else has stayed with her before him since the two men. She smiles at him and says no.
Because she's
And Billy is completely oblivious to it... Until he dies.
Man Vs. Self
Billy debates going into the Bed and Breakfast.
With the lady giving him a creepy smile,
That's about it..... so.....
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