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NTM an overview

lesson 1

bobby reed

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of NTM an overview

Training Bible School Style of Teaching Chronological Teaching NEW TRIBES MISSIONS an overview What we believe
Teach A soul once saved
can never be lost We do not practice
what are commonly
known as the “sign gifts” The historical-grammatical
interpretation of the Bible The pretribulational,
return of Christ for
the church. We practice believer’s
baptism by immersion The potential of all believers to be used by God in the Great Commission Godly relationships and interdependence in ministry Readiness to sacrifice for Christ and His church The role and responsibility of the local church in the
Great Commission Dependence
God the Word of God as our final authority A
life Excellence and urgency in all we do to finish the task What we Value Our main Goal "New Tribes Mission's efforts shall be directed ... where no witness of the Gospel has yet reached."
Paul Fleming How we have grown Involving the Church Chronological
Teaching Creative
Services Training
Technology Roles in NTM Average Church Plant Missionary Training Center Old Testament New Testament Evangelism teaching skills tribal religion teaching considerations translation/phonetics tribal tech CLA How We Began NEW TRIBES THE REEDS uses key Themes of
God, man, and sin Uses images
to create a
visual timeline High level questions BUILDING ON
level issues how did the world begin who has authority and why who and what is reality Church planting missionaries The Church Pastors Prayer Partners Supporters HQ Member Care Leadership Public Relations Mobilizers finances TRAINING Bible School MTC Maintenance In the Field Specialists Church Planters Supply Buyer School Positions Maintenance Consultants Field Leadership Administration Guest House Health Care Support Workers Technology Language
Consultant Building Teachers Literacy Linguists Bible & Discipleship Building the Alphabet
Logging the Language Data Teachers, Materials,
Researchers My way
God's way
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