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Iceberg Steps 5 & 6

No description

Natasha Cass

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Iceberg Steps 5 & 6

Essential Questions Reflect When have you felt empowered to act? Who empowered you? How did you feel? Empowerment Empowerment is based on the idea that giving others skills, resources, authority, opportunity, motivation, as well as holding them responsible and accountable for outcomes of their actions, will contribute to their competence and satisfaction.  Empowering Others to Act Develop a shared purpose
Align vision and goals
Remove barriers/obstacles
Identify strengths and weaknesses Our Iceberg is Melting How do we as a school community empower each other to make this cultural shift to personalized learning?
What skills do we possess that will support others in the change process/become the hero?
How do we provide support and encouragement to these people? How do we empower others?
What instructional goals have we set and how will we celebrate when we reach those goals? Reflect
When have you wished you had acted but did not feel empowered? Why were the conditions not right for you to act or speak up? Reflect What was the difference between the two situations?

When was a time that you empowered someone else to act/reach a goal? Reflection The brother in our video empowered his younger brother by including him in the triathlon events. We must empower others and feel empowerment ourselves to work through this dramatic shift in instruction towards PLEs. Sometimes our lessons from missed opportunities are just as important as the chances we took. What skills do we possess to empower others? Fill in the first three blank squares
Find people who are able to complete the skill/objective of each square.
One person can sign more than one square or paper. Become the Hero... Empowering Others to Act-“The colony would be needing heroes to deal with new challenges, and that anyone, including the youngest of them, could help.” “Excuse me. How can I become a hero?” Think privately about the following questions:
 How do we push ourselves to act/become the hero?
Who at your school empowers you?
Who do you empower? Moving from Obstacles to Empowerment- Knowing that we need to empower others and feel empowered ourselves, we must continue to focus on our vision and address our obstacles. Reflect What squares were left empty?
What did you learn about your teammates in your school?
How can you step up to be a hero? Providing Short Term Wins... Provides feedback
Builds momentum
Shows evidence of success Short Term Wins Let's Set Goals! Activity

Write one instructional, one technology, one TEAM/Common Core and one school wide goal.

What will success for this goal look like?

Using your cellphone, take a picture of your goal sheet for your reference. How will you celebrate?
How will you encourage others?
Let's Celebrate! Activity How will you be a hero... It’s OK not to know everything!
Support and empower others,
Don’t lose sight of the vision,
…And it is all about what is best for
our students! EQ: How do we as a school community empower each other to make this cultural shift to personalized learning? Don't forget to sign in before you leave! Please keep your Obstacle/Empowerment activity in your binder for use later at your schools.
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