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Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson's explorations and contributions.

Gasini Bala.

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson
By Gasini Balakanthan 66
Room 21
Subjects Involved:
Social Studies, Language, Computer Information Technology

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Year set out: 1000 AD or 1001 AD
Discoveries: (followed Bjarni's earlier journey) Helluland, Markland, and Vinland
Where his discoveries are believed to be:
Helluland(Baffin Island), Markland( the Labrador Coast of Canada/Quebec, Canada/different part of Baffin Island?). Vinland(L'anse aux Meadows in
Newfoundland, Canada?)

Leif had bought his boat from Bjarni Herjolfsson.
Leif's Life Work (contribution):
~ The first European to step onto North America
~ Returns with knowledge of the native groups of people, vegetation life, plant life and animal life of the Western Hemisphere (the Americas)
~ Helps to spread Christian religion in Iceland with the assistance of priests
Any Interesting/Unusual Facts:
~ In 1964, U.S President Lyndon B. Johnson made
"Leif Erikson Day" which is celebrated on Oct. 9th.
This day honors Leif Erikson as the first European to
North America
~ His father, Erik the Red, planned to join Leif but Erik fell from his horse as it slipped on the wet rocks near the shore and was badly injured. Erik claimed it was a bad omen that he should not accompany Leif and so, Erik ended up not accompanying Leif.
~ Leif earned the nickname of Leif the Lucky from his
exploration of Vinland when he assisted 15 men when
they had been troubled at sea on his return to Greenland.

Name: Leif Erikson
Sponsor: No One
Year of Birth: 980 AD
Birthplace: Norway, Iceland
Year of Death: Around 1025AD (45 yrs.)
Death Place: Greenland
Famous For: Being the first European
to land in North America
How he became: Followed Erik the Red(father)'s footsteps and/or was intrested and wanted to follow Bjarni's earlier journey.
One of his Explorations: Helluland (Present-day: Baffin Island)
Means of Travel: Boat/Ship called "knarrs", this boat/ship was a cargo boat/ship
Hardships he Encountered: Heavy fogs, rough waters, and almost being blown off course
People he Met Along the Way: No One
Was It Considered A Success: No
Why? This was because Leif had considered it worthless for it lacked vegetation, was a land of slab-like stones and icy
mountains.So, it couldn't have been a permanent settlement
Leif Erikson was a suitable explorer. Strongly, he attained for distant, unknown regions. Whether or not we
find out if the locations he discovered are exactly what we believe them to be, Leif Erikson is a person who deserves his part in history. He completed many tasks in his life as the first European explorer to enter the western hemispheres ( North America). As well as completing the tasks of returning with knowledge on the native groups of people,plant life, vegetation,
animal life, and in helping spread the Christian religion in Iceland.
Thank - You for Listening!
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