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Roman Transformation

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Roman Transformation

Roman Transformation
Do Now
September 29, 2014
What do you see in this image?

Explain how this image represents
that the Roman
Empire went through.

This represents a transformation

Social, Political or Economic?
The entire Roman Empire is
Christian --->
The Western
Empire is Roman
Catholic and the Byzantine
Empire is Eastern Orthodox.
The Pope has all of the authority
(Christianity) ---->
The Emperor has more authority (The Eastern Orthodox
Church in the Byzantine Empire).
Reward -- Sub Day
Please put your name on these!
The Roman Empire's city
is centered in the West (Rome) --->
the Empire is centered in the East (Constantinople).
"You Be the Historian" game

Ms. Merwin will project a transformation on the board.

You will have 1 minute seconds to discuss this transformation as a group.

When the buzzer goes off, you will hold up your sign.

We will have short (two minute) debate. Each participant who adds something new will recieve a raffle ticket.

Social, Political, Economic Factors
A dramatic or thorough change in structure, appearance or attitude.
The capital city has some
trade (Rome) --->
The capital city has LOTS of
trade (Constantinople).
The Empires is one big empire
the Empire is two smaller
empires (Western and
Today's Learning Objective
SWBAT categorize various Roman Transformations into social transformation, political transformations or economic transformations. SWBAT defend their decision with evidence.
Write- Pair- Share
Which Roman transformation was the most
historically significant
Support your opinion with evidence.
Exit Ticket

No voices
Quality Work! :)
Pass Back Work
1 paragraph in your Do Now notebook.

How have
transformed this year so far?
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