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The Saussurean model

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julia jones

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of The Saussurean model

The Saussurean Model
What is The Saussurean Model?
In Saussurean model, the sign consists of two elements: a signifier and a signified. This dyadic model makes no direct reference to a referent in the world, and can be seen as supporting the notion that language does not `reflect' reality but rather constructs it. It has been criticized as an idealist model. Saussure stressed that signs only made sense in terms of their relationships to other signs within the same signifying system.
What is a Signifier?
The signifier is also known as the significant and is the form which the sign takes.
-EX of the signifier: Images, actual signs, and words

The Relationship System

The sign is the whole that results from the association of the signifier with the signified. The relationship between the signifier and the signified is referred to as 'signification', and this is represented in the Saussurean diagram by the arrows. The horizontal line marking the two elements of the sign is referred to as 'the bar'.
What is the Signified?
The signified is the concept, the meaning, the thing indicated by the signifier.
It doesnt have to be a real object' but is some referent to which the signifier refers.

Examples of The Saussurean Model
By Julia Jones
A signifier + the signified= Signification of the whole
Signifier in the video
The Signifier In this video are the words that are projected such as cannibal, slave ware fare, evolution, and cowards (etc.) along with images and footage world chaos, destruction, death, and violence.

The Signified from the Video
The meaning and concept of the signifier in the music video is the proof and facts of reality and what the world we live in has become, with war, slavery, violence and destruction that was then shown in the video.
The signification of the video is that its bringing awareness to us about the things that go on in our world and being aware that its a major issue in society that must be shown to the world in all perspectives an medias.
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