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William Carlos Williams

Introduction to English College

Dannyka Verpaelst

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of William Carlos Williams

Born : September 17.1883
Death age : 79 (March 4,1963)
cause : heart attack
Birthplace : Rutherford,New Jersey
Married : Florence Herman in 1912
Sons : 2 ( Eric & Paul ) WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS His father : Williams' Education Williams began writing poetry while a student at Horace Mann High School
Went to the university of Pennsylvania and met Ezra Pound.
Pound was able to have his poems read.. How Williams got started in writing poetry Had a full literary career that included:
Short stories
Critical Essays
An autobiography
Correspondence Literary Career The Red Wheelbarrow Describes a simple object
Alternating lines of two and one stressed syllables
Use of simple words and synthesizes the poem as much as possible..
Present characteristics of the imagist movement. Analysis Literary Work Different themes include:
Responsibility Themes American poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright, essayist, autobiographer and medical doctor .. - An Englishman raised in West Indies
- Episcopalian
- Businessman Primary and Secondary in Rutherford until 1897
Sent to a school near Geneva and to Lycée Condorcet in Paris for 2 years
Went to Horace Mann high school when he returned to New York.
Admitted to the medical school in the University of Pennsylvania in 1902 so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
chickens. The Dance
El Hombre
The Red Wheelbarrow
Spring and All
This Is Just To Say His mother : - Born in Puerto Rico
- Half Jewish, Half Basque
- Baptized as a Catholic
- Studied painting for three years
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