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Valkyrie Robot

No description

Kennadi Harris

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Valkyrie Robot

How many degrees of freedom or flexible joints does it have ?
what task does it preform?
it preforms the task of rescuing just like your local fireman or policeman.
Where is it located?
The challenge created by DARPA involves tasks like walking over uneven terrain, climbing a ladder, using tools, and driving. This means that Valkyrie has to be capable of operating in the same spaces that a person would operate in, under the control of humans who have only minimal training with robots, which is why the robot's design is based on a human form.
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What does it do ?
Advantages and Disadvantages
This 6'2" , 130 kilogram, robot is named Valkyrie (Val- khi- ree). "NASA Johnson Space Center is developing a next-generation humanoid robot and control paradigm capable of performing dynamic, dexterous and perception-intensive tasks in a variety of scenarios." NASA created the robot to compete in a Robotics Challenge. He has detachable arms, sonar sensors, mounted cameras, and a glowing Tony Stark-esque circle in the middle of his chest. Valkyrie is basically a "superhero" robot. He saves you from disasters!
is the robot could loose power or energy while rescuing someone, and it may just shut down causing the robot to fail and the human to possibly loose their life.

is that, when Valkyrie is fully powered, he is ready to save anyone.
Valkyrie Robot
The Valkyrie robot is located in Houston, Texas at The University of Texas and Texas A&M (they have a partnership).
The battery-operated Valkyrie, which can operate without a tether, has 44 degrees of freedom, or axes of rotation in its joints, giving it flexibility of movement. The robot can tilt and swivel its head, rotate its waist, and has knees and legs that can bend. It is loaded with cameras and sonar sensors to help it move through rubble and avoid obstacles.
How is he taught to preform his task?
Jobs it would create ?
We think that Valkyrie might take the job of a fireman, or police officer. And the task he should do in the future would be to save people in danger.
By: Mahogani and Kennadi
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