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Team synergy

No description

Jorge Fuentes

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Team synergy

Team Synergy

The playground is made up of several parts
Our Team
A new playground for James Westfeild Elementary school

- Designed for 1st to 5th graders
The Tree House
The Swing
The Slide
The Bridges
Kyle Hedin
Louis Leong
Jorge Fuentes
Paul J. Barney
-Great with tools
-Ask for help when needed
-Will do anything to get the tries to help in any way possible
Improving Design
-Keep Kids active
-Greater Fitness
Physical Health
Why you want our playground!
- Ensured height safety to minimize danger

- Kept an eye on parts sticking out to prevent impalement
"Fun factor"
- Liberty to go onto a tree house

- Bridge suspension give a visual of a trampoline

- Many rainforest details
Size- Scale
-One foot equals 3/8 of an inch

- 1/2 scale was to big of a scale: would not fit on the board
What We would have changed
We Get the Job Done
Would have included path for those with disabilities.
- Made the board green

- Added grass

- Animal designs on equipment
During the brainstorming process we:
We came up with the rainforest theme
- Efficient
- On task
- Helpful

The tree house is made to be safe and includes:
Plenty of supports
Not dangerously high
We included:
- Moss
- Undergrowth
- Bushes
The Final Product
To give the real rainforest effect
- Studied and took notes of safety for our playground

- Took real life measurements of a playground

- Asked kids ages 5-8 about what they "like" in a playground.
- 2 Sizes - For Big and Small
- We used recycled materials
-"100% Environmentally Friendly"
-We thought of the playground to be a little bit dull
-A lot of open space as a main

The Final Product
Paul J Barney
Jorge Fuentes
Louis Leong
Kyle Hedin
- Smart
- Technology lover
- Loves to help others out
Loves science
Good with dimensions
Often helps others
-So they would be able to enjoy the playground
-They would not be left out
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