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Setting of the color purple

No description

Lisa Lin

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Setting of the color purple

The Color Purple:
By: Lisa Lin Georgia The setting of anything...
is important or else we would all be lost;
like here in the ocean. The Color Purple,
a story centered around the horrible lives
of blacks, takes main stage in rural Georgia,
a common slave state in the South. Without
taking place in the South, many events in
the book would not have happened and
Celie could have led a happier life. Africa! 1. Here at home, Celie gets her first
experience of rape. Done by her stepfather (whom she thought was her real father) she loses almost all sort of hope and trust in her family, especially when her mother died. The symbolism of home, with its hope, love, acceptance and safety is all lost to Celie. With no one left but God, here she first starts to write letters to Him. Celie's marriage to Mr.___
-This is a change of setting for Celie as she finally gets out of her home and town. Celie hopes for a better life and she looks up to Mr. ___ as a chance of escape but she still gets raped and beat. This is important because Celie feels that she is doomed for life as she moves on to a later stage in life. Celie nettie The South-
- racism is all around. Every
black is lower than a white person.
This forces Celie to work and not be
able to fight back and get education.
Farming is the only life Celie will
ever know without Shug. 1940s-
Blacks face harsh racism during
these times after the Great Depression.
As whites are rebuilding up their lives
again, blacks are used as slaves to them
and Celie and Sofia are no exception.
Typical whites down South are like the
mayor and his wife; racist people Sofia
would not tolerate. Since they are whites,
Sofia is sent to work in a prison under
very harsh conditions. This scares Celie
as one of her women role model is being
tortured. As Squeak desperately tries to get Sofia out of jail, she is raped by her white uncle, who does not believe she is related to him. This again scares Celie even more as she sees the power of whites over blacks. Nettie in Africa-
-As Nettie escaped from her horrible home, she met up with missionaries to go to Africa. She gets to experience the outside world, a place that showed her to overcome her ignorance. She still experiences segregation as she had to go through New York to get to Africa. But even though she experiences racism, she also got to see things that Celie couldn't dream of like toilets and electricity.
-By being away from home, she gets to join in the uplift of black people everywhere. Nettie realizes that she is not
all that black compared to some
of the Africans in Senegal, Africa.
-She sees their happiness even through their times of distress and this is important for Celie to understand. As Celie would read the letters, she realizes that no matter where black people are, they are suffering and only they can help themselves. By comparing the two very different settings, Celie is able to learn that she is not alone and that she has to fight to survive. By working all the time on the farm,
Celie only has Shug to teach and explain to her that women working so hard should wear pants to equal a man's status. Taking place in the 1940's, farmwork was for slaves and this meant a lot to Celie because she was treated like one. It would not have been the same today; women both black and white all have equal rights and opportunities and slavery is illegal. The importance of education- even in Africa.
-Nettie tells Celie that black women in Africa like Tashi are rising through education. This shows Celie that women are getting up on their own feet everywhere.
"The world is changing, I said. It is no longer a world just for boys and men."(161).
Despite the difference of two countries, Nettie was still desperate to communicate to Celie throughout the years of silence; showing her love and hope. Tennessee
A change of settings give
Celie the opportunity to enjoy the Creation. Celie moves in with Shug as she starts a new life. She gets to see how Shug lives and she learns from her and starts making pants. Memphis-
A change of settings give Celie the opportunities to enjoy the Creation. Celie moves in with Shug as she starts a new life. She gets to learn from Shug and make pants.
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