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What we've learned in IIS

No description

Stella Kim

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of What we've learned in IIS

What we've learned in IIS Drama P.E English IT Social Math Science Creative Writing The places of stage How to act well Microsoft office How to make a movie Xtra normal Animoto Power point Publisher word Movie maker How to make a scene With topics injustice India's religion Hinduism Buddism Gupta Empire King Ashoka Bill boards Edicts Budda(Prince Siddhartha) Soccer Vollyball metaphor skin color basket ball Physical exercise sex popularity trypod handstand apperance mixed numbers improper fractions multiplying fractions dividing fractions Areas of shape Adding fractions Poem how to ryme How to make writing smooth How to get attention How to make good writing How to point out volcano earthquake continent
earthformation weathering rock
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