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NEW REVISED Action Verb Prezi

This is the one that actually works! Action verbs for K-2

Amanda Tucker

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of NEW REVISED Action Verb Prezi

Jump, Run, Explore! Do we use action verbs? So, what is an action verb? By definition, an action verb is "a word belonging to the part of speech that is the center of the predicate and which describes an act or activity"(dictionary.reference.com). So when you tell me that you play outside, run in gym class, or dance in the music room, you're using action verbs! Great job! "Walk, rock, drop, push, pull, flop, hop, spin, dance, jiggle, wiggle, prance." -from "Jiggle, Wiggle, Prance" by Sally Noll

"Reach for the sky, wiggle your toes. Stick out your tongue and touch your nose." -from "Clap Your Hands" by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. Yes, absolutely all the time! We use action verbs to describe what we are doing at any given moment. If I tell you I'm hopping, jumping, running, exploring, or even dancing, I am using action verbs. Can you tell me something you do every day
using an action verb? Some fun examples of action verbs from books! Alphabetical examples of action verbs A: Ask I: Inspire
B: Bounce J: Jump
C: Cry L: Laugh
D: Dance M: Move
E: Explore N: Nod
F: Fix O: Open
G: Guide P: Pull
H: Help Verb Rap song A verb is an action word, action word, action word

A verb is an action word, verbs tell what's happening A poem about action verbs
"Play" by Lill Pluta I jump, I shake, I dance, I hop
I like to move, I cannot stop
I scoot and roll
across the floor
I spin in circles
out the door
I run outside, I leap, I skip
I bounce, I slide
I swing, I flip
But I'm still careful, I don't trip! Sing along with us! Mrs.O'Malley, Ms.Tucker, and Mama Owl take you on an Action Verb adventure through books, music, and other fun things! I'm an owl,
I like to fly! This is how I sing, "Hoot Hoot HOOT!" Hello there! I'm Mama Owl. These are my eggs that will hatch very soon. Let's see what is written on them before they hatch! I would love to read this to my baby owl chicks! Angry Birds? Nope. Angry Words! I sure hope my babies won't be so angry! "Angry Words": A Fun Action Verb activity relating to Angry Birds: Teacher Resource http://www.teachertime123.com/2012/02/angry-verbs-language-arts-bulletin-board-using-angry-birds/ The above bulletin posted on an educational ideas forum, and was brought to Melissa's attention by Pintrest. The bulletin board invites children to post their favorite Angry Birds cartoon on a colorful bulletin board. On the Angry Birds, the children write a sentence using action verbs. How cute! Look! My baby owls hatched while we went on our adventure! Hatched is an action verb. My favorite action verb is hatch. What is your favorite action verb? Thank you for coming on this adventure through our tree home!
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