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Rules governing socially acceptable behavior

Ashley McElveen

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of ETIQUETTE!

Table- Setting Basics place knives to the right of the plate with blades facing the plate
place spoons to the right of the knives. if you have both a soupspoon and a teaspoon, the soupspoon will probably be used firstm it goes to the right of the teaspoon
place forks to the left of the plate, tines up. if desseert forks are needed, bring them to the table when dessert is served, after the plates and other dinnerware have been cleared.
the beverage glass sits just above the tip of the dinner knife Formal Service -the most elaborate style of serving because it requires hired help, its often used for banquets held if restuarants or hotels Creating Atmosphere add a decorative touch of nature to the
table by filling a small basket with real
or artificial flowers, fresh fruit, colorful
gourds, or clean leaves or nuts
for an elegant air, tuck a fresh or silk flower into every napkin.
arrange a centerpeice using tall candles
in candleholders, or float small candles in glass
dishes of colorfed water.

play soft music shop garage and rummage sales for cartoon
character glasses, souvenir salt and pepper shakers,
and other novel tableware. use these to add fun to meal times. How much to tip Fancy Restaurant - 20 percent
Family Restuarant - 15 percent; more for exceptional service
Coffee Shops - beverage only : atleast 25 cents.
Buffets - 10 percent if server filled water glasses, brought beverages, and cleared table.
Fast-food - none http://whatscookingamerica.net/Menu/DiningEtiquetteGuide.htm Whitney Green What not to do while eating in public :
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