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No description

Mohammad Qadri

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Buck

"Buck watched them apprehensively as they proceeded to take down the tent and load the sled."
"Buck felt vaguely that there was no depending upon these two men and woman. They did not know how to do anything and as the days went by it became apparent that they couldn't learn."
"Like his mates, he was barely able to get up." "So greatly had he suffered and so far gone was he, that the blows did not hurt much."
Buck feels as if he must take it upon himself to survive. He realizes that he cannot depend upon Hal, Charles, and Mercedes to stay alive. He can already figure out their incompetence, even before Hal, Charles, and Mercedes fall in the ice and meet their demise.
Buck watches nervously as Hal, Charles and Mercedes break the camp. He isn't completely sure about the groups ability to survive in the primitive.
Buck, as he is being beaten by Hal, no longer makes an effort to resist or work. He refuses to get up because of his exhaustion from receiving hardly any rest. Buck admits defeat, and accepts his end until John Thornton saves him.
The End
By Chris, Deanna, Sausan,
Brandon, and Mohammad

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