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L.Y.E.E. Ad/PR Agency Advertising and Public Relations Plans Book

Courtney Eagle

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of GoFers

GoFers Executive Summary Problem Statement Situation Analysis S.W.O.T. Analysis Goal & Objectives Research
Target Market Product Personality Core Message Positioning Statement Tactics Summary Recap CE2TV is a new website with innovative technology and it's the first of its kind Direct viewers to CE2TV.com Audience become aware of GoFer webisodes
Audience use the new technology You will achieve success with the CE2TV website by following this plan that targets young adults ages 18-24 L.Y.E.E. must find a way to direct views to www.CE2TV.com, a brand new website with new techonology where webisodes of an unknown sitcom, GoFers, will be streamed Background
CE2 is student run
GoFers is its first project
L.Y.E.E. is working on advertising to promote new interactive website Competitve Environment
CE2TV is first of its kind it allows you to watch and shop
Websites that broadcast sitcoms online, webisodes, or other video entertainment
Websites that you can purchase products off of
Websites with similar techonology
Websites with the same technology as CE2TV Strengths
New sitcom being created by college students
Webisodes will create awarness of sitcom
Demonstrate new technology on the CE2TV website
Webisodes are still in pre-production
GoFers is the first project from CE2
Due to confidentiality can't talk about technology Threats
There are other webisodes online connected to popular sitcoms
Other websites that stream webisodes
Once the CE2TV webite is launched another company could make a copy
Viewers can shop while they watch webisodes
Webidodes will offer local location appeal
Drive ordinary people to the website Objectives to accomplish by the end of 2010 Secondary
Focused on similar types of shows that have webisodes
In Kent County 58,779 make up the TA
Primary Survey
84.7% spend more than 8hrs a week online
47.1% watch webisodes online
82.4% shop online
TA more apt to be online, shop online, watch webisodes and TV online Focus Group
TA uses internet daily for personal, educational, and work
Busy but they multitask
Enjoy TV
GoFers characters
Grand Rapids location
18-24 year olds If it were a person
Efficient & Convenient
Trustworthy Customizable Technology
Entertainment Value Brand/Product Insight Customer Insight Emotional Benefit and Value Functional Benefit Laddering To young adults ages 18-24 who enjoy webisodes and shopping online CE2TV is a new website that offers you the chance to watch GoFers webisodes while shopping online because of the new interactive technology the CE2TV website has to offer L.Y.E.E. Ad/PR Agency
Advertising and Public Relations Plans Social Media Digital Media Website Launch Fact Sheet Media Kit Cast Event The Rapid Billboard Newspaper Ads Arena Posters Radio Programs ArtPrize
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