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The News on Bill Clintom

No description

angeline belanger

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of The News on Bill Clintom

The News on Bill Clinton
Angeline Belanger
William J. Blythe III
Born: August 19,1946
William J. Clinton
his mom later married to a car salesman Roger Clinton Sr., William later adopted the last name of his step-dad. Later William would soon have a brother Roger Clinton Jr., his step-dad would later be found to be a drunk and abusive father and husband.
College then War
Bill would go to Georgetown University, he would become a Rhodes Scholar and later be a political activist against the Vietnam Draft while at Georgetown. but would later be drafted anyways to England in 1968-1969.
Law School
After the war he had stayed in England to study at Oxford, but would later transfer to Yale University and would later receive his Jurgis Doctorate degree, and where he would meet Hillary Rodham. they would later marry then have one daughter Chelsea.
Hello Mr. Governor
from 1972 to approx. 1982 he was governor of Arkansas and he did many great things like, reform Arkansas education, welfare reform, and many more... soon after he would be known as the "Boy President".

born in Hope, Arkansas his parents are William Jefferson Blythe Jr. and Virginia Blythe. his father would later die in a car crash.
Hello Mr. President
But their was some good things!
He has many well known bills, acts and laws that were passed during his presidency:
The Family and Healthcare Act of 1993
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993
helped balance the budget and made a new deficit plan.
North American Free Trade Agreement
And many more...
Bill Clinton would soon become president for two terms he had made many great contributions to our nation but they were questioned by the american people.

But then he messed up and this would happen...
In the beginning of his second term Bill Clinton was now to be known as the second president to be impeached from office. in the Lewinsky scandal what is thought to have happened is that Mr.Clinton had sexual encounters with Mrs.Lewinsky (claim made by her after leak). he would later denies those claims made by Mrs.Lewinsky.
The Impeachment
Where is He Now?
On Dec. 19, 1998 Bill Clinton was impeached by the house of representatives on two accounts of perjury and abuse of power. Fifty senators voted to remove Clinton on the obstruction of justice charge and 45 voted to remove him on the perjury charge; no Democrat voted guilty on either charge.
After Clinton had been impeached he had moved to New York State and has continued to maintain a speaking schedule and his organization base in NY. also he would later would get a divorce from Hillary and would take separate political paths.
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