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Southside Family Charter School

No description

Toni Wilcox

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Southside Family Charter School

Celebrating 40 Years of Family School
An opportunity for educational excellence regardless of income
Southside Family Charter School
Annual Report 2012-2013
Executive Director's Letter
The Southside Difference
A small school with small class sizes, we've capped enrollment at 109 students in grades K-8. Students build strong and healthy relationships with each other, and staff.

Continuous improvement. Southside teachers are lifelong learners dedicated to seeking out the best curricula and teaching strategies.

The Results
Scores on the MCA III, Minnesota's high stakes tests, that meet or exceed the state average.

High student, staff, and parent satisfaction with SFCS. More than 90% of students who start kindergarten with Southside walk across our stage as 8th grade graduates.

Community members are encouraged to participate in our programs.
They support us with many hours in the classroom.
More than 1200 people attend the Family School Play each year!

Diverse cultural identities are honored
Involvement in issues of social justice
Freedom from racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and other cultural biases
The Givens Foundation for African American Literature.
2012-2013 Residencies included...
...and we value our donors and friends.
Thank you for five consecutive years or more of your financial support.
Jason Ward Anderson
Colleen Bell
Henry Bromelkamp
Community Shares
Glenn and Carol Delano
Helen Kivnick and Gary Gardner
Kate and Karen Goetz
Flo Golod
Raquel Melo and Eliza Goodwin
Greystone Foundation
Beth and Bill Hart
Ida Swearingen and Ellen Hawley
Joyce Mellstrom and Betsy Husting
James Inglis
Betty and Boyd Mast
Brad and Dana Neuhauser
Gwyneth Olson
Edyth Schoenrich
Carol Walker
Lauren Weck
Dobson West

Thank you, 2012-2013 donors!
Aleta Adams
Jeanie Piekos and Randy Anderson
Renee Anderson
Amber Augustin
Barry and Sandra Baines
Stuart Barron
Liesl Batz
Shawn Belcher
Eunice Bergee
Karen Bertocci
Patty Gille and Nancy Boedigheimer
Mandy Catlette
Diane Clayton
Abby Conover
Deanna and Roger Cummings
Elizabeth Deidrich
Nickolas Deidrich
Don Deutsch
Kathleen Dohmeier
Mark and Nicole Eikenberry
Kari Elston
Patty Erickson
Richard and Patricia Fishel
Venessa Fuentes
Lila Gardner
Tina Gibson
Mike Greene
Javier Gutierrez
Amy Hagstrom

Harry Hartigan
Frank and Jane Hennessy
Janelle and Robert Hill
Mary Hoelscher
Marty Hultgren
Katherine Johannes
Dmitri Kaasan
Suneeta KaasanDarla Kashian
Judith Katz
Roberta Kemp
Alexandra Kouame
Ben Kressel and Jane Gallagher
Moy Lambert
Howard leake
Chris and Kathleen Macosko
Martha Malinski
Allan and Diane Malkis Wanner
Kris Martiz
Daniel'la Marshall
Laura and Sarah Matanah
Susannah McCarthy
Vanessa and Christopher mcGuire
Linda McKibben
Erturk and Keira Mehmet
Amy Micek
Lenore Millibigerty
Bev Moon
Marilyn Moon
Megan Nelson

Ben Nicholie
James Nicholie
Kelly O'Brien
Ray Olson
Vicki and Daniel Olson
Mary Parker
Brent and Victoria Peterson-Hilleque
Carol Jeanne PierceKathleen Walker Pratt
Jan Radder III
Katie Rian
Emily robertson
Mollie Roediger
Jean and Pat Ryan
Elaine Gaston and Mark ScannellLola Schoenrich
Michelle Schutt
Hilary and Peter Smith
Britni Snow
Carol thomas
Charlene Torchia
Sharon Tripp
Joanne von Blon
Mary Kathry Wallace
Nicholas and Stefani Weber
Gretchen West
John Wilcox
Beva Wunderlich
and 15 donors who want to remain
and these institutions
Alerus Mortgage
Ameriprise Financial
Hennepin County
Minnesota Alliance With Youth
NBA Properties

Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi
Target Inc.
Target Foundation
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Wells Fargo Matching Gift
Women's Foundation of Minnesota
For more information:
Visit our web site http://southsidefamilyschool.org/
Like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Southside-Family-School/30979017770
Support our work:
Revenue and expense:
Our values:
An opportunity for educational excellence, regardless of income
Community members are encouraged to participate in our programs
Diverse cultural identities are honored
Our community is an extension of our classrooms
Freedom from racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and other cultural biases
Involvement in issues of social justice
The Cowles Center for Dance
and the Performing Arts
2012-13 Social Justice Art
Displayed at:
The law firm of Robbins, Kaplan, Miller and Cerisi
Pilsbury House Theater
Hollis Watkins/Civil Rights Panel at SFCS
Our community is an extension of our classrooms
From Two Pony Gardens..
...to our school garden...
...to our many community partners:
Minneapolis Parks and Recreation
Three Rivers Park District
The National Theater for Children
Como Zoo
Bud Community Garden
Woodlake Nature Center
Dodge Nature Center
MN Alliance with Youth
Midtown YWCA
Sara Dejores
HECUA (Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs)
University of Minnesota
MCTC (Metropolitan Community and Technical College)
St. Catherine’s University
West Bank School of Music
Mala Maña
Minneapolis Photo Center
Hamline University
Minnesota History Theater
Youth Performance Company
Minnesota Department of Education
Children’s Museum
The Works
Elle Meza

Midwest Food Connection
CTUL (Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha)
Deb Schermann/The Emily Project
Jacob Wetterling Resource Center
Young Dance Minneapolis
Walker Art Center
Chicago Children’s Choir
Minneapolis Institute of Art
Cheryl Kramer
Big River Journey
Minnesota Zoo
Steppingstone Theater
Ordway Center for the Performing Arts
Margaret Rozga
Mount Mary College
Growing Power
Arts@Large, Madison
Workers Rights Center, Madison
Ken Germanson
Black History Museum, Milwaukee
NOVA High School, Milwaukee
Yoga Sanctuary
Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Jess Sundin
William Mitchell College of Law Street Law Program

...to Voces De La Frontera and YES! (Youth Empowered in the Struggle) in Milwaukee...
Change in Net Assets 37,971
Net assets- beginning 286,411
Net assets-ending $324,382
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