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Alyse M

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of FASHION IN THE 1960s

Mod Fashion
Thank you for watching!
Fashion Icons

Jackie Kennedy
These fashion icons had a huge impact on girls from 15 to 19. Lorraine was 15 in The Pigman's Legacy.
Early 1960's Fashion
Hippie Fashion
The Beginning of Hippie Fashion/ Inspiration
Began in the late 1960s
Both men and women participated in this new style
People became "fed-up" with the public
They wanted to create a new peace and optimism age
Very laid back
Before the 1960's teenagers/ young women were expected to dress like their mothers
"There weren't any clothes for young people at all. One just looked like their mother"-Sally Tuffin
Up until the 60's, dresses and skirts were knee-length
Unusual and strange, sparked much controversy
Icon of the rebellion that time period is recognized for
Jean Shrimpton makes headlines for outfit at Melbourne Cup in 1965
Mary Quant "Mother of the Miniskirt"
FASHION IN THE 1960s, and How it Relates to
The Pigman
The Pigman's Legacy

By Megan Clarke, Emily Sullivan, Sarah Marotta, and Alyse Messeroll

vividly printed shirts
collarless jackets
slim-fitting trousers
long hair, often combed back or to the side
bright colors on everything
brocade waistcoats
Jackie Kennedy
Early 1960s
Jackets with large buttons
Pillbox hats
Pastel suits
Flashy make up.
Dresses and skirts several inches above the knee.
Very colorful dresses.
First super-model.
Mod Fashion in
The Pigman
The Pigman's Legacy
Dolly Racinski
brightly colored tent dresses
large colorful earrings
How does this relate to the Pigman/Pigman's Legacy?

Like the rest of the world during this time period, Lorraine's mother definitely would have found this sort of clothing outrageous and far too scandalous for her teenage daughter to be wearing. Many people considered this trend to make young girls look vulnerable, which was always a concern for Lorraine's mother.
Pillbox hats
Pastel suits
Short jackets
Simple dresses
Stiletto heels
Capri trousers
Bright suits
Leather boots
Ties with crazy prints
Connection to the Pigman
In the Pigman, Lorraine dresses up in a
white, frilly dress that was Conchetta's, who was the Pigman's wife. John gets dressed up in Mr. Pignati's suits, which are from the
early 1960s.
slim-fitting trousers or capris
bright colors and geometric shapes
A-line dresses
short, boxy dresses
tent dresses

John struggles with alcohol and nicotine dependencies.
These were habits of hippies during the time.
John could have wore clothes like denim and collar shirts.
Hippies were rebelling against war and their government, influencing John to do the same.
Hippie Influence in The Pigman

sandals, boots, or sometimes no shoes at all
frayed clothing (boots, skirts, shirts)
peace signs (on necklaces, or as a print)
Components of Hippie Fashion
(for both men and women)
Mod Fashion (cont.)
Mod Fashion (cont.)
stilettos or black flats
short, bobbed hair or long, straight hair
heavy kohl eyeliner and mascara, false eyelashes
pale foundation and lipstick
many hippies wore their hair long, even the men
loud, vibrant colors were worn
denim jeans, vests, and shirts were also popular
experimented with drugs
usually played music wherever they could
Components of Hippie Fashion (Cont.)
Mod Fashion (cont.)
wide dimensions on trousers and lapels
frills and cravats on suits
crushed velvet or striped suits
double breasted suits
trouser straps
wide ties with wild prints
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