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Copy of Great Jazz Bassists and their Influence through the Ages

This presentation shares the story of 4 great bass players (Ray Brown, Oscar Pettiford, Jaco Pastorius and Victor Wooten) and how their innovations contributed to bass in the jazz/fusion/funk genres.

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on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Great Jazz Bassists and their Influence through the Ages

Pastorius Victor Wooten Amazing Grace 1947 1926 Ray Brown Born 1926,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The high school jazz orchestra needed a bassist.
Ray filled the vacancy... and the rest is history! 1964 1977 2008 Track 3: Teen Town and a huge commercial success...
Birdland Listen for the harmonics on the bass and how Jaco attacks each note.
He's playing chords too. Heavy Weather
Weather Report leading the jazz-rock/fusion
movement of the 1970s Composer, bassist and drummer...
Jaco does it all! Oscar Peterson - piano
Ray Brown - bass
Ed Thigpen - drums We Get Requests Side 2. Track 1. 'You Look Good to Me'

Ray Brown brought You Look Good to me into a recording session.
The trio did a run-through and produced the version on the record.
... pretty incredible.
Peterson has recorded Brown's tune several times since then. Ray Brown meets Ella Fitzgeral while touring with Dizzy in Southern USA

Married 1947
Divorsed 1952 Ray first met
at a Jazz at the Philharmonic concert.
Brown played with Oscar's trio
from 1951-1966. Oscar Peterson 1922 Oscar Pettiford Boarn 1922,
Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Mixed African and Native American ancestry
Family of 10 children
double bassist, cellist, composer 1956 1949 Pettiford broke his arm. It was impossible to play his bass but he could play cello with his arm in a sling.
Tuned in fourths like a bass, Pettiford began his first cello recordings in 1050. Pettiford considered the pioneer of the jazz cello. Pettiford played the bass as a solo instrument
fast bebop lines effortlessly
very melodic Oscar Pettiford
& Dizzy Gillespie
lead a bop group. 1943 Track 3: Perhaps Pettiford's most
well-known composition. 1951 Born 1951,
Pennsylvania Jaco started out on drums but after injuring his wrist playing football he took up the electric bass.
2 years later Jaco took over the bass in his band, Las Olas Brass. Jaco developed intricate solos in the higher register.
Use of harmonics gave Jaco more creativity in melodies.
He is considered one of the most influential bass players of all time. 1988 Born 1964
Hampton, Virginia, U.S.
Youngest of 5 brothers.
All members of the
Wooten Brothers Band. Victor Wooten Victor joins Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. One year after Jaco's death he becomes the first electric bassist to enter the Jazz Hall of Fame
(and one of only 4 bassists total) Pastorius
Jazz Hall of Fame Thumb plucks
Tapping 1998 Wooten's first solo album, 'A Show of Hands', reinvents the electric bass sound with melodic lines and funky technique. 3 Grammys Wooten is named 'Bass Player of the Year' from Bass Player Magazine for the third year in a row! 1996 You Look Good to Me
live in Prague 1969 Innovative and Influential Jazz Bassists
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