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Paper Mache Head

No description

Chase Rector

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Paper Mache Head

Paper Mache Head
Process of making the Paper Mache Head
1)Take a picture of my face from the front and side view. When I did this it helped with proportions and the head size.
4)I taped the sides so that everything stays together.
7)To make it more realistic for example, I had to add the shape of the nostrils, eyelids, and indentations into the eyes.
Add accessories and a name to the head to make them come alive!!!
2)Then I cut out the pictures and traced it onto a piece of cardboard.Next I cut out the traced cardboard.
3)I cut two slits into the cardboard, one at the bottom of the front view and one at the top of the side view and i connect them together.
5)I taped balls of newspaper to the head to add definition to the face.
6)I added a final layer of tape to smooth out the face before adding paper mache.
8)Then the next step was to add 3 layers of paper mache to make sure that none of the balled up newspaper shows.

9)The last step was to add a few layers of paint to make it even more realistic. So there would be eye color and skin color.
Reasons for making it?
Extra Information
I know i forgot the ears but there wasn't enough time!!
Also it ISN'T suppose to look like me, it's just suppose to be a random head/face.
I originally wanted to do make a whole body, like a mannequin. But I knew I wouldn't have enough time so i wanted to make figurines but then i realized we would make those later. Lastly i wanted to make just one part of the body like the leg or arm, but then I thought that, that would be too boring. So i decided to make a head out of paper mache. I also wanted a mannequin when i was younger and this was a good chance to make one. Lastly my favorite part about art is doing sculptures and working 3-D and I also love paper mache so this was a good combination.
What where the materials you used?
Paper mache- It's easy to work with and good for sculptures but not too good with making things smooth..
Celluclay- This helps make smaller parts detailed for facial features. Like the lip shape and the eye lids.
Acrylic Paint- It's good with going over paper mache.
Cardboard- To make the structure of the head.
Newspaper- To add definition to the head.
Karl R.
Lastly i know the head is abnormally large and that it's wrinkly. Sadly that's the bad thing about working with paper mache
How successful were you?
I think i was mostly successful because I made the head and I think from far away he could be mistaken for a real person.

Also becuase of how many smaller details I added like trying to make the eyelids and the bridge of the nose.

Lastly I think I did pretty good with proportion.
What did you learn as a result of your genius hour?
I learned more about the face and how hard it actually is to get all those details in. At first I thought it was going to be easy to just put the facial features on. But when i looked at different pictures of the face i realized it would take a lot of thinking and just testing it out on the sculpture to understand. I also learned that not everything that you will make can be perfect. I definitely tried but in the end I learned to be happy about how much I have learned from this project.
Side Note!!
Last note, I just want to say that Genius Hour has been a fun experience. First because you can try things that you feel interested in. Also you can let you imagination run wild.Second is because you can learn a lot and still have fun. And third it's a nice little break from the other projects we work on. So I think all teachers should do genius hour because i think mostly everyone would enjoy it.
The End!!!
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