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This prezi is designed to give 7th grade students some background knowledge of the concept of utopia as a precursor to The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Giselle Pomeroy

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Utopia

Utopia was a book published by Sir Thomas More in 1516. The title is also the name of an island which is the setting. The name has come to mean "a perfect place or society". Credits

This presentation is designed to introduce the concept of utopia to students. The presentation will be used as a prereading activity to Lois Lowry's, The Giver. Utopia Picture Credits The Giver Book Cover. Photograph. Lois Lowry.com. Web. 3 Apr. 2011. <http://www.loislowry.com/giver.html>.

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"YouTube - Interview with Lois Lowry (The Giver)." YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Web. 03 Apr. 2011. .

YouTube - Travelers Commercial - Animal Friends. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Web. 03 Apr. 2011 Who? Sir Thomas More Standards
Common Core
Intergration of Knowledge and ideas
Compare and contrast a text to an audio, video,
or multimedia version of the text, analyzing each
medium’s portrayal of the subject (e.g., how the
delivery of a speech affects the impact of the
Analyze how two or more authors writing about
the same topic shape their presentations of key
information by emphasizing different evidence or
advancing different interpretations of facts.
Craft & Structure
Determine the meaning of words and phrases
as they are used in a text, including figurative,
connotative, and technical meanings; analyze the
impact of a specific word choice on meaning and
What does Lois Lowry, the author,
have to say about the book? New Hampshire GLE's
R—7—2.1 Using strategies to unlock meaning (e.g., knowledge of word structure, including prefixes/suffixes, base words, common roots, or word origins; or context clues; or other resources, such as, dictionaries, glossaries, thesauruses; or prior knowledge) (State)
R–7–3.2 Selecting appropriate words or explaining the use of words in context, including content specific vocabulary, words with multiple meanings, or precise vocabulary (State
R-7—4.3 Generating questions before, during, and after reading to enhance//expand understanding and /or gaining new information
R–7–5.1 Explaining or supporting logical predictions
Giselle Pomeroy
EDIM 508 Digital Media in the Classroom Or perhaps.. The story you are about to read is set in a
utopia. There is no war, terrorisim, hunger,
floods, or earthquakes. The community is safe.
Music Credits
Lennon, John. "Imagine." Imagine John Lennon : Music from the Motion Picture. EMI Music International, 1988. MP3. In your journal write a response to what your idea of utopia would be. What would you name it? What kind of leadership would you have? How would you care for the young, old, and sick? What kinds of rules would be in your utopia?
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