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The Crucible

No description

Samantha Curlett

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible

The Crucible
Dear John,
Your wife had found out about the affair, but I know that doesn't change things. I know you have felt, or maybe still do feel love for me.
Whenever it is convenient for you, I would like to discuss our connection at some point, maybe we can recuperate those feelings. Lately I've been feeling an empty void.
I still do feel that way towards you, John. Within your absence, the feelings only grow fonder. I'd like to get some sort of closure or confirmation that you still feel this way.
Love, Abigail.

Doll (poppet)- symbolizes change from good to evil
Ex. How Mary sewed the dool and it meant nothing, but when it was found in the Proctor house, it meant witchcraft.

Stones- symbolizes Salem's sins crushing a good town
Ex. When Giles was crushed by the weight of the stones

Witch trials- symbolizes intolerance and hatred
Ex. When every villager turned against eachother to save themselves

John Proctor submerged- symbolizes coming clean
Ex. When John Proctor goes into the lake and emerges from the water, he comes out a clean man.

Arthur Miller used each of these because they tie in with the story as well as easily being able to tell what it's symbolizing.
I am sorry, but you are mislead. We have no connection, nor have we ever. I plan on staying with my wife Elizabeth. I apologize for putting the thought into your head that we created something more than what we are.
It is unfortunate that you still feel in such a way for me. What happened was surely not right, and I had no intention of it blooming.
I don't ever recall learning that anything good ever comes out of an affair. If you wouldn't mind, discard of this letter. Understand that it's best that we aren't on speaking terms.
- John.
Arthur Miller
Personal review
My favorite part was the ending, because every character was on edge and anything could've happened. My least favorite part was the very beginning because it took to long to describe the setting. My favorite character was Tituba, seeing as she didn't victimize anyone and she didn't want to be a part of the madness. My least favorite character was Betty, because she was the entire reason of the witch trials starting. I relate to the parts throughout the book where the innocent were blamed, seeing as I'm the younger sibling and usually blamed. I would reccommend this book to others, it was interesting. It shows a good comparison from the knowledge back then to the knowledge now. It does a good job of describing the hardships in the witch trials, as well as displaying the problem solving strategies they used back in 1692.
Dear diary,
Breaking News
In the small Massachussetts village of Salem, it has been rumored that witchcraft is being practiced. The town is supposedly going mad with hysteria and paranoia. Trust no longer exists betweet townsfolk.

Is this all a hoax? People are being physically hurt, they are blaming others, putting eachother on trial, lying, and going to extreme measures such as getting eachother hanged. How far will each person go to top their enemy's "witnessed" story?
My father found me and the other girls dancing in the forest. We had no bad intentions, but I put up an act of feeling witchcraft being practiced on me to save my own reputation. As of now, one has a diagnosis or a prediction as to what is wrong with me. I guess I took it too far, because soon enough it snowballed into witchcraft! I didn't intend for the joke to go this far, but I'll keep the strange acts up so I don't get in trouble for it. I'll blame a weaker link for practicing witchcraft, like one of the servants.
- Betty
This joke has gone way too far.Tituba became the blame, and it ended up into a frenzy. Every woman is now being accused of witchcraft, everyone is losing sleep over this, and terror is rising. Everyone is just trying to save themselves no matter what happens to others and I feel as if someone is just going to snap soon.
Dear diary,
11- 22- 1692
Dear Diary,
Everything is such a mess, I have no idea what's happening! I blamed Tituba, and she actually confessed. That wasn't my original plan. Now, everyone is blaming whoever they can. There was even a newspaper article about it! This town is going to be ruined by the time this phase is over. What did I get us into?!
The salem witch trials start
Abigail and the other girls are found by Parris practicing "witchcraft" in the woods
Tituba is accused of witchcraft
Betty and Abigail blame people for dancing in the woods
1692 a few days later later on in the month later on
Mary Warren tells John and Elizabeth what's happening in court
Mary tells about how she was accused
While reciting the 10 commandments to Hale, John forgets the one about adultry
The poppet that Mary gave to Elizabeth now has a needle in it
1692 a few days later later on in the month later on
Judge Hawthorne questions Martha Corey
Herrick carries Giles out of the court room
John Proctor is questioned by Dantforth
Elizabeth announces that she's pregnant
Danforth is told by Reverend Parris that Abigail has robbed him and vanished
Elizabeth talks to John and convinces him to confess
Hale tells Elizabeth to get John to confess
John gets hung from confessing, but he didn't sign the paper.
1692 a few days later later on in the month later on
1692 a few days later later on in the month later on
Plot summaries

1-Setting: Parris household
Betty is lying in bed sick at in Reverend Parris's home after dancing in the woods. The dancing in the woods seemed to be the cause of the illness, otherwise known as the witchcraft. John Hale, an expert on identifying witchcraft, talks to Abigail and she admitted to dancing in the woods with Betty and the other girls. They confess to what happened, and blamed Tituba for the cause of the witchcraft.

2- Setting: Proctor household
John Proctor comes back to his home and Mary Warren tells him about the witch trials she went to. Mary tells John that Elizabeth's name was thrown into the accusations of witchcraft. The doll (poppet) that Mary gave to Elizabeth was found with a needle in it, this led Abigail to say that she was stabbed in the same place where the needle in the doll was found.

3- Setting: courtroom
Judge Danforth is told by John proctor that Elizabeth is pregnant, and that saved Elizabeth from being executed. Giles Cory was crushed by stones because he refused to have his word in court. Mary Warren was blamed for the bewitching of the girls and Danforth is convinced. Elizabeth is evemntually questioned about how truthful hjer husband really is, She wanted to save his soul so she lied about tthe affair he had, and she is taken to jail for lying.

4- Setting: Court room/jailhouse
Elizabeth is begging to speak with John, and once she getd the opportunity to, she asks him to confess to save everyone in the town of Salem. They write out Johns confession report to hang omn the church, but he refuses to sign it. He alrerwdy admitted to the crime, he didnt want his name put to evil. John doesn't sign it, and because of his refusal, he is executed.

Elizabeth Proctor
Accused of witchcraft

Lied in court

Has feelings for John Proctor
Is known to be a good hearted, honest person

Feels as if she doesn't deserve her husband

Fired Abigail after the affair with her husband

Is very tedious when it comes to trust
Young and a very skillful liar

Native americans killed her parents when she was little

Was fired because she had an affair with John Proctor

She leads the group of her friends

Niece of Reverend Parris
Arthur Miller was born in Harlem, October 17, 1915. Graduacted from High school in New York in 1993. He saw and written many plays, his best being Death of a Salesman. He went to U of M in 1934 and his first marriage was to Mary Slattery on August 5, 1940. He had trouble finding a proucer to take interest in his plays until he opened Death of a Salesman on broadway in 1949. In 1953, he opens The Crucible on Broadway. He died of heart failure age 89 in Feburary, 2005.

Abigail Williams
Good vs Evil:
Abigail did an evil deed of accusing Mrs. Proctor to be a witch so she could have John Proctor to herself.
In Salem, all the townsfolk were getting along fairly well until talk of the witch trials began. Afterwards, everyone turned against eachother to save themselves.
Giles was crushed by the stones although he was a good man. He never admitted to anything, and he didn't want the guilt of admitting to a lie. He took it to his death.
In conclusion, the way good vs. evil was held back in the 1600's was based off of their self-imnage. Everyone held themselves up.

Putnam and Proctor were fighting over the lumber was given to Proctor by his grandfather.
Parris was demanding of a high pay and a well-built home in salem for being the Reverend.
Abigail threatened the girls that she'd kill them if they told anyone the truth about what she's done.
In conclusion, everyone fended for themselves. No matter the consequence they put on others, they had to save themselves first.

Abigail wanted revenge on Elizabeth for being Proctor's wife, as Abigail was in love with him. She accused Elizabeth as being a witch.
Thomas Putnam wanted revenge on the town because he wanted land to fill his greedy needs.
Ann Putnam wanted revenge on Rebecca Nurse for supposedly being the reason only one of her eight children survived.
In conclusion, certain people claimed a lot of false statements just to get revenge stemming from their own personal problems and needs.

Lies and deciet:
Mary, Abigail and betty were lying by saying they were bewitched from dancing in the woods.
Rebecca Nurse was accused of being responsible for killing Mrs. Putnam's babies.
John Hale was considered evil when he fled the town for not wanting to deal with the "bewitching."

In conclusion, everyone in The Crucible had something they've lied about just to save themselves the trouble.
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