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Vietnam Antiwar Movement

No description

Ashley Rister

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Vietnam Antiwar Movement

By: Ashley Rister Reasons for the
Opposition Antiwar Organizations Important Dates Important Dates cont. May 15, 1966 - another large demonstration outside the White House and the Washington Monument
January 14, 1967 - Human Be-In at Golden Gate park in San Francisco
March 17, 1967 - antiwar march in Chicago, Illinois led by Martin Luther King Jr.
Mobilized those involved in the "baby boom", who were most at risk.
Partly attributed to the uncensored information provided by television coverage.
Some believed that Vietnam was unjustified, as it was perceived as a civil war, and it was not right for America to intervene. Committee for Non-Violent Action
Committee for Sane Nuclear Policy
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
The League of Women Voters April 17, 1965 - the SDS and the SNCC lead an antiwar protest with 25,000 protestors in Washington DC
October 15, 1965 - first large scale act of civil disobedience in Ann Arbor, Michigan
November 2, 1965 - Norman Morrison set himself himself on fire outside the Pentagon
November 27, 1965 - largest demonstration to date; 30,000 protestors in Washington DC
Important Dates cont. The Vietnam Antiwar Movement (1960-1967) May 12, 1964 - twelve New York men publicly burn their draft cards
December 1964 - Joan Baez leads six-hundred people in an antiwar demonstration in San Francisco
March 16, 1965 - Alice Herz set herself on fire in protest to the war
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