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Using the MMO Database

Hello! If you're watching this Prezi, it means you're trying to learn how to collect and submit information into the MMO Database. If not, you're watching the wrong Prezi...

Natalie Joseph

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Using the MMO Database

So you wanna know... How To Use the
MMO 2010 Database Without
Being Clueless
Hitting the Computer Screen
Missing Key Information
All of the Above
Open up the file Orient yourself.
Now start with the Hit Breakdown section Stories (#) = Equals the number of times an individual MMO story was played, posted, or printed.

If the radio show played 3 times during the day, put 3 here.

If the newspaper article was only printed once in a particular paper, put 1 here.

If you don't know...find out. Month/Year =
Abbreviated Month-Abbreviated Year
e.g. Jan - 10 Strategy =
If you've read the MMO Strategy Document, you know there are three primary answers in this section:
General Outreach
Radio Tours
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