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Amera & Bhaavi

A Prezi about the failure of our our original constitution, the Articles of Confederation. Includes strengths, weaknesses, Michael Jackson, Clint Eastwood and most importantly info and such.

Moonachie Student

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Amera & Bhaavi

States had more power than a nation. The Articles of Confederation (A Story about an Epic Fail) (AND THE UGLY) Amera Aly and Bhaavi Patel. No way to pay off debt because Government cannot collect taxes. Different currencies - generates depression. The Articles of Confederation inspired the making of the Constitution. Set up a Foreign Affairs Department. That gave American Congress permission to declare war, make peace, form alliances and sign treaties. This symbolized that they were now an independent country. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It set up a postal system. STRENGTH 1 STRENGTH 2 STRENGTH 3 WEAKNESS 1 The postal system was set up by Benjamin Franklin. Although Americans were eager to receive mail, it was rare. Ergo (Yes, new transition word), the postal system allows people to communicate better and faster. The delegates realized that the Articles of Confederation was a total FAYUL - that's how all the cool kids say it. They attended the Constitutional Convention and tried to fix the Articles, but realized they couldn't. Thus, making the
CONSTITUTION! Each state was independent, therefore governing themselves. This caused problems because states didn't do many things we do today, such as paying taxes and going to war. They were not united, as they should be, which caused many problems. WEAKNESS 3 WEAKNESS 2 THE HI. CITATIONS: Each individual state had a different currency. Therefore, it would make it difficult to pay off their debt. After realizing this, the different currencies (barely) had any value. Within each state, taxes were voluntary, so nobody really contributed. Also, each state had a different currency making it even more difficult. Without the collection of taxes, America would be in HUGE debt. Davis, Kenneth. American History. 1st ed. California: Harper Collins Publishers, 2003. Print. - BOOK RESOURCES Alchin, Linda. "Articles of Confederation." Land of the Brave. Land of the Brave, n.d. Web. 8 May 2013. <http://www.landofthebrave.info/colonial-america-copyright.htm>.
AND MR. KEELEN, THANKS! - WEB RESOURCES To conclude, we think that the Articles of Confederation should be dumped; yeah, we said it! We should have a different one, that unites us as a country and a PROUD nation. #YOLO SO MAKE IT COUNT! #swaggity BYE. FROM: #REACT lol articles of confederation more like articles of confederati-no. #react #nvr #ew articles of confusion??? #react #wutrtheydoing #um 50 cent? more like 0 cent #taxes #toldthem #react
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