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The Parts of an Argumentative Essay

No description

Nicoya Helm

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of The Parts of an Argumentative Essay

The Parts of an Argumentative Essay
Let's try!
What kind of topics make a good argumentative topic? Let's brainstorm
What is an argumentative essay?
When you think "
", do you think this
or this?
For an argumentative essay, you should think this
Important Vocabulary
- a reason or set of reasons that you use to show that something is true or correct
- an argument that goes against, or opposite your argument
(also called
) - act of showing that an argument is incorrect or not true
How does this work?
"The government should make smoking illegal."
"But that takes away a person's freedom."
"Smoke harms even people that don't smoke when they must be around it. People do not have freedom to hurt other people.
Get into assigned groups. One group will be for (pro), and one will be against (con). The last group will be judges.
You have 5 minutes to come up with 3 arguments for your side. Write them on the board.
The judges will pick the best argument for each side.
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