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Human Trafficking in Asia

No description

Carrie-Ann Todd

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Human Trafficking in Asia

Human Trafficking in Asia By:
Carrie-Ann Todd
Brandon Hoffman
Jeremy Crabtree Statistics In Asia, China is the number one culprit of human trafficking
Approximately 10-20 thousand children are forced into sexual exploitation each year in China alone.
Mongolia, Burma, North Korea, Russia, and Loas, are only a few countries that export victims to China.
North Korean women are commonly sold for $380-$1300.
Human Trafficking There are many forms of human trafficking including forced sexual exploitation, forced labor, and forced marriage.
The most common is forced sexual exploitation.
Traffickers have two main methods of getting their victims: 1) kidnap the victim and take them across international borders to make it harder to track them. 2) they convince victims to travel to another country for a good paying job and then they take their passports and papers and force them into prostitution.
Hofstede The Ministries Involvement Safehouses and Aftercare Programs
The Assemblies of God recognizes six aftercare programs
Day Centers, Rapid Assessment Centers, Community/Foster Care, Transitory Care, Residential Care, and Hospice Care.
During the spiritual care it is important that a sexually trafficked victim is able to acknowledge God as a loving Father.
Acknowledging God as a father figure will help victims in their spiritual walk as well as help restore their relationship with men.
Expressions of sadness, grief, anger, guilt and fear are to be expected during the healing process. Mark and Christa Crawford
Missionaries to Thailand
They work with International Justice Mission.
They work with human trafficking victims in Asia.
One Example of their work can be told through the story of a 13 year old girl named Moon.
In the measurement of collectivism China, Vietnam, and Thailand were ranked 56-61 and on Hofstede's Individualism Index with a score of 20.
The United States, being very individualistic is ranked first with a score of 91 on Hofstede's Individualism Index.
On the Power Distance Index China was ranked 12 out of 74.
The United States was ranked 57 on that same scale.
China has been labeled in "Tier 2" by the U.S. Department of State for their handling of human trafficking.
The U.S. Department of State has recommended to China to revise its anti-trafficking provisions because of China being a world power and hefty international trader.
What Will The Group Do With This Information? Jeremy
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