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Schoolboy q bio

No description

Kevon Young

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Schoolboy q bio

By Kevon Young ScHoolBoy Q ScHoolBoyQ 2012-Present Quincy Matthew Hanley (born October 26, 1986), better known by his stage name Schoolboy Q (often stylized ScHoolboy Q), is an American hip hop recording artist from South Central Los Angeles, California. Signed to Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records, SchoolBoy is a member of hip hop supergroup Black Hippy, along with fellow label-mates Ab-Soul, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar
American East Coast rappers Nas, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G. along with Kurupt and 2Pac are artists who influenced him Hanley was born October 26, 1986, on a military base in Germany.
Later he grew up in South Los Angeles(South Central L.A).
Joined street gang
At 21 ScHoolBoy was arrested and served a 6 month prison term. Early Life Shortly after his term SchoolBoy began rapping at Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE)'s Studio the "House Of Pain.
SchoolBoy was signed to TDE
in July 29, 2008, when he released
his first mixtape "SchoolBoy Turned
Hustla". Early Career Schoolboy released Gangsta & Soul, his second mixtape on May 14, 2009.
In 2010, SchoolBoy was touring with the rest of Black Hippy.
On January 11, 2011, SchoolBoy
released "Setbacks", which topped the
Billboard 100's chart 2009-2011 On January 9, 2012 SchoolBoy Released "Habits and Contradictions"
On March 24, Schoolboy Q announced #TheGroovyTour; a month long tour with Ab-Soul accompanying him the entire way. The tour began on April 20 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California. On April 3, 2012, Interscope Records released "Hands on the Wheel" as a single on iTunes
In 2013, SchoolBoy is expected to release his new album "OxyMoron" Setbacks
Although Hanley did not release a project, 2010 had him touring, doing guest appearances and had him in the studio working with the rest of Black Hippy and on his then-upcoming project Setbacks. On January 11, 2011, exclusively through iTunes he released Setbacks, his first independent album under Top Dawg Entertainment, to critical acclaim.[14] The album reached #100 on the Billboard 200 selling 787 units its first week.[15] Two weeks after the album's release Hanely took to Twitter and gave the album away for free.[16] By the time Schoolboy Q's first album Setbacks was released in early 2011, he'd quit gangbanging altogether.[17]

Setbacks propelled Hanley into the spotlight and allowed him to earn a large internet following: "The concept behind Setbacks was [to talk about] all the shit that's the reason why I can't rap. The reason I can't accomplish what I want to accomplish is because I'm doing all this dumb shit. I put it all together on the album. Like, "Druggys Wit Hoes", I'm out here drugging and I'm not even trying to fuck with hoes. "Kamikaze", I'm not even trying to rap—keep going broke. Different shit like that, I sum it up all in one album. My life did a whole 180 after that dropped. A lot of people still didn’t know the name though, but a lot of people did. It was weird. It just took me to the right spot. I made some fucking money off the project, it helped me see that I needed to do more positive shit in life, and it made me into the person I am now. All I do now is just chill. I'd rather just chill, work on my music, be with my two-year-old daughter, and smoke weed and shit."[18]

Hanely headlined his first show on March 11, 2011, at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California.[19] In March 2011, Hanley was arrested at the 2011 South by Southwest music festival and explained that he was ultimately jailed because of marijuana they go'. Of courpossession: "I got sent to jail for some weed. That was all bad. And I was the one that broke up the fight", said Schoolboy Q. "And then my manager Dave he thought he was Tupac Shakur, 'Don't touch my artist! Don't touch my artist! Don t touch my artist!' I'm cool. I'm his artist. I'm like whatever. I'm straight then he kept going crazy. My ass went to the pen... Yeah, I got away and then everybody walked out like Tupac in MGM. Police was like 'Aww, there se I'm the only one with all the weed."[20]
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