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Peer Editing Workshop

No description

Jori Grant

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Peer Editing Workshop

Peer Editing

1. Compliments
2. Suggestions
3. Corrections

Keep it positive
Keep it specific

This is an interesting hook.
Your voice comes through the paper very clearly
Your descriptive word choice is great; I could picture the image in my mind. Keep your comments positive and respectful
'This is dumb'--No
I don't understand you right here. Can you reword your sentence?
Your hook could use more descriptive words. I think you could make it more interesting. Suggestions:
Keep it specific

Remember you are commenting on someone's personal work; treat them as you would want to be treated.

You should try to vary your sentence structure so that you have long, short and medium sentences.
You use the word 'awesome' a lot; could you use different, more descriptive words? Corrections:
Keep it postive
Keep is specific

Remember to capitalize proper names.
Don't forget to put in punctuation; you forgot a comma here.
This phrase is not a complete sentence; it needs a subject and a predicate. Learning Target:
I can constructively critique a peer's persuasive letter.
I can propose suggestions and corrections for a peer's persuasive letter.
I can offer compliments on what a peer did well. 2 compliments
2 suggestions
2 corrections Before you leave turn in your edited copy.

If you are not done then bring the edited copy in tomorrow. Journal 12:
Where are you with your persuasive letter What do you need to get done today? What problems does your peer reviewer need to look for in your paper?
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