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change the world


stone gouge

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of change the world


BY: STONE GOUGE RECYCLE AND TURN OFF WATER I can turn off water and I can recycle what this will do for the earth is reduce the waste and make it just a little cleaner. We can also turn off water that will ruduce the energy that I am using and that will make the world a little better. Three things that my school can do My school can recycle and not use styrofoam plates that we use now. Because right now those plates that we use go straight to the dump and make our world dirty. We can also raise money for different assignments like to go out on the world and pick up trash. Turn off water of course. dont use Things my family can do We can get a group of people and go out on the road and pick up trash that people throw out of there car and paper they throw out of there car. We can also get a recycling bin and put plastics in it like water bottles. Some other things my family can do we can go on mission trips to different places and pick up trash and clean the streets and just make the world cleaner we can also go down to where the trash is being dumped into the water and clean that up all of these things will make the world a better place to live in. your school can do lots of things like have a field trip to look on saving the world but no they dont want to do that because some schools think its a waste of time and you should be leaning about math or language arts insted but think if we dont change the world then we could be the one's exstict and life can live without us it does not have to be just us on earth right now it is all about us the world should look like this The third thing I can do I can do a lot of things but most of them I either can not do or I do not have time like recycling, turning off water, saving energy there are lots of things you and other people can do like things that I listed but you might not have the time to do it and you might not be able to but I think that if you even think about it it's a good thing because it means you care about the earth. So if you can do it then help the earth but if you can't then give someone else the chance to help like if you want to and have the money to do it then give that money to someone who can do it THE END
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