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Plot and Narrative Writing

No description

Mary Martin

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Plot and Narrative Writing

Plot and Narrative Writing
Plot Mountain
Thank you!
1. What would you wish for if you could be granted 3 wishes?

Plots with Wishes Often Backfire!!!
Plot Practice
Lesson Objective
Analyze how plot development impacts the characters and theme.
What is plot?
How is plot developed in a story?
How does plot development impact a story and reader?
(Do not say you would wish for unlimited wishes.)
2. Explain why you chose those particular wishes.
Compare the climax you suggested for the fairy tale with the climax another group's climax choice.
Hands Up, Pair Up
Exit Reflection
Q1 CFA Question 1
Read this sentence from a narrative about people preparing for a state fair.
Stephen stated, "I would be very pleased if you would assist me with preparing the booth."
Which revision
creates a conversational tone?
"Would you be willing to help me set up a booth?" asked Stephen.
Stephen declared, "I would be grateful if you could help organize the booth."
Stephen said, "It would be very helpful if you could assist me with the booth."
"Would you be able to offer any assistance with the booth?" questioned Stephen.
Q1 CFA Question 2
In the middle of the table, you will find a handout.
Read this paragraph a student wrote about a time she learned how to build a rope bridge.
Therefore, we had to tie them ourselves.
Then, we had to tie them ourselves.
To illustrate the point, we had to tie them ourselves.
In spite of this, we had to tie them ourselves.
What is the
transition into sentence 5 of the paragraph?
Q1 CFA Question 3
In the middle of the table, you will find a handout.
Read the rough draft of a student's letter. It has multiple errors.
Why does Marisol present her ideas in paragraph 2 the way she does?
She wants to compare middle school and high school.
She wants to excite the reader about school.
She wants to impress her middle school teachers.
She wants to show the effects of middle school.
Q1 CFA Question 4
In the middle of the table, you will find a handout.
Read the rough draft of a student's letter. It has multiple errors.
I anticipate being even busier in high school.
I feel like I'm ready to be successful in high school.
I am ready for any new challenges that come my way.
I look forward to those new challenges and classes.
Which sentence should be added between sentences 11 and 12 to show the connection between ideas in the letter?
1. a
2. b
3. d
4. d
Q1 CFA Question 3
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