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Digital Engagement

No description

Peter Brassington

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Digital Engagement

Work in progress

This will be adapted further but was presented as part of a Scripture Engagement course on Oct 10.
Stay tuned.

What apps should be on the map next year?

...and in what languages?

This has been created for educational use
(as per my Prezi license) I can give you permission to reuse my ideas and link to my website but don't hold rights for the use of all the images currently used.
Peter Brassington, Oct 2015 http:digital2031.wordpress.com
Six Goals before lunch
Consider the impact of "Digital Natives".
Differences between distribution and engagement.
Planting ideas
Is 'digital' now as normal as 'print'?
Users have become creators.

Just putting stuff on the web isn't enough.

"I see what you are trying to do..."

Consider the role of games
Discuss the Science and Theology of play
Should games be part of your toolkit?
Games have always been around.

What do they do?

How d they work?

Is gamification here to stay?

Do you play enough?

What games do you play in your family?
The family that prays together stays together?
The family that plays together stays together?
There is an increasing amount of theological, missiological, sociological, and sometimes illogical stuff said about games. If you are a student with access to a few thousand journals see what you can find ...even if it's just for fun
The jury is still out on what makes a good Bible game, but there are an increasing number of people with the vision and skill to begin building games.

Stay tuned.
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