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Ed Voyles Honda

No description

Geovonnie Louissaint

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Ed Voyles Honda

Digital Audit of the Competitors
and Market
Channels Data Analysis
Hub and Spoke Model
Organic and Ads Keywords
Ed Voyles Honda
Asim G. Brynner B. Geovonnie L.
Kevon G. Reginald M

Ed Voyles Honda has very strong presence in social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and some others
Ed Voyles Honda Facebook page has 1,475 likes.
Ed Voyles Honda has 360 followers on Twitter and 4,677 total tweets.
Ed Voyle’s does have a slight YouTube presence and blog presence.
Ed Voyle’s Honda has a decent, but not an overwhelmingly strong and conversational social media presenceIt is also crucial for a company to be conversational in social media so that it can interact with its customers and know what is in their minds about its products and services (especially for a small company like Ed Voyles).
Therefore, Ed Voyles must be both strong and conversational with its social media channel as the two attributes must go hand-in-hand in order to create a successful promotion and increase brand awareness.
A major problem for Ed Voyles Honda is that its SEO is dominated by others that are not even its competitors.
Overview of Project and Brand
Who Is Ed Voyles?
Ed Voyles Honda dealership stems from the Ed Voyles brand that sells a variety of automobiles throughout the South East.
They focused on traditional values; integrity and trust.
Each dealership is an authorized franchise to sell the specific brands.
Increase Ed Voyles Honda’s digital foot print
Increase the amount of customers visiting the dealership (both repeat and 1st time customers)
Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current social media activities
Recommend underutilized methods of social media activity.
Identifying key words that will optimize the Ed Voyles Honda Site on various search engines.Identify which social media platforms promote the most favorable medium for the target market.
Perform SWOT analysis of the Ed Voyles Honda.Perform a digital audit of leaders in the automotive industry with special attention to competitors within close proximity to Ed Voyles Honda.
Make recommendation for Ed Voyles Honda’s current and future social media marketing plans.
Target Market
Web Presence
Pride themselves on their longevity of workers.
Over the years Ed Voyles has come to be known as a Community Leader-host events, gives perks to teachrs..
Their biggest strength is the fact they are not focused on the sale but more on the customer satisfaction.
Ed Voyles Honda does not have enough brand awareness
Because of the slow growth in the automobile industry, Ed Voyles Honda suffers from a insufficient amount of sales associates
Social Media marketing is an area that the automobile has not completely tapped into
OEM part shipping is another avenue Ed Voyles Honda is looking into
Creating a stronger YouTube presence-video
Competitor posting inaccurate reviews and stats about Ed Voyles products disillusion customers.
Direct competitors are Hennessy and Curry.
Indirect competition: independent repair shops, Autotrader, Nappa, Pepboys, and Keystone.
The city of Marietta has a median age that is over 7 years younger than the median age for the state of Georgia. This gives Ed Voyles Honda a geographical advantage of consumers that are more technologically advance in comparison to the rest of the state. The surrounding cities of Smyrna, Kennesaw, Mableton, and Sandy Springs also provide an environment of an audience that can be reached via the internet and social media platforms.
Geographical Region
Cities Surrounding Ed Voyles
Distance in Miles
Distance in Time of Commute
Smyrna: 4.7 Miles,
10 minKennesaw: 11.5 Miles, 20 min
Mableton: 11.6 Miles, 21 min
Sandy Springs: 10.4 Miles, 17 min
Educational Factors
The High school graduation rates in these cities are higher than the average for Georgia residents.
This includes one of the highest percentages of residents that graduated high school in Marietta.
Marietta has 82% graduation rate of residents. Moreover the city has 34% of its residents with bachelor degrees or higher.
This can be used for positioning in the social media environment as far as which website to create links.
Nalley Honda, Gwinnett Place Honda, and Honda Car Land.High competition for top long tail key words.
Ed Voyles Honda should try to attract non local customers by competing for keywords from other local markets such as “Nashville Honda dealership”,
Ed Voyles Honda can participate in local car meets and car shows to show off new Honda models and customized Honda models that they occasionally feature on their Youtube channel.
Do some testing with sweepstakes and special discount deals on new and/or used automobiles through social media channels
Ed Voyles should cross-share across the social platforms being used. For example, when they post a new video on Youtube, they can announce it on Facebook and Twitter.
Continue to make daily Facebook posts and Twitter tweets to keep fans engaged.
Post links to the Ed Voyles Honda website as much as possible on all posts across the social media channels being used.
Shift the company blog from being hosted on Blogspot.com to Blog.Edvoyleshonda.com. By separating the company blog, Ed Voyles Honda will be able to gather more accurate statistics.
The company slogan should be something that is visible in uniform with the Ed Voyles Honda logo across all of the social media platforms being used.
Make blog content unique and useful to the user so that they continue to look to Ed Voyles Honda for help with their questions and issues.
Stay up-to-date with current SEO techniques so that they continue to stay competitive against other local Honda dealerships.Use online data analysis tools to watch how competitors and changing and managing their online SEO and SEM strategies and stay competitive.Aim for a larger percentage of shared ads and organic keywords by increasing their budget for those specific keywords and phrases.
Ed Voyles Honda has a strong presence, compared to competitors, on the most popular social media and networking channels.
The top three are Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.These three, among several others, create leads to the Ed Voyles Honda Website, aka the “hub”.
The Information compares Twitter and Youtube statistics among our client and their competitors. Twitter shows the number of followers, replies, and followings compares to total tweets.
Organic and Ad keywords
AKa A+ Project
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