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Music Superhuman-Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson

No description

angela ocampo

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Music Superhuman-Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson

By: Angela O. Music Comprehension assignment For this project, my music piece will be Superhuman by: Chris Brown and Keri Hilson. And here are the elements of my music piece: Pitch Dynamics Duration Timbre (tone colour) Here is a close look at the music piece Duration
& Form - During the chorus, the notes are held longer for a more dramatic effect.
-Starts song with the piano, then adds on a beat.
-Background music remains the same throughout the whole song.
-Song goes slow at the beginning and end of the song.
-Starts to go faster in the middle, or "chorus" of the song. -Pitch goes higher when the song
sings "You changed my whole life, don't know what you're doing to me with your love".
-Pitch rises and falls withing the song. -Song starts as piano.
-As the song continues to the middle, the dynamics in the song changes to mezzo forte and the jumps back to piano. -Instruments used:
Piano, drums, background music
-Combination of soft and loud
-Light, heavy, light
-Start: Piano + Background music
-Middle: Drums + background music + piano
End: Piano + background music -Both voices sing harmony of the song in the chorus and ending of the song
-In other parts of the song, both parts are sung differently Texture/Harmony -First introduces piano, then adds the beat of the drums and background music.
-Drums is eliminated in the near end of the song. Form Now for the second part of my project. The Visual Art Piece! This Piece of Art was Taken by an Unknown Artist My Visual Art Piece is called:
The Other Half of My Heart ? Here is a look at my art piece These are the elements I will be mentioning Line
Shape and Form
& Rhythm and Movement Line -Curved lines to form the heart on the two fingers. - Straight lines to form the hand -Jagged lines to form the knuckles Shape and Form -Rounded -Jagged Texture - Smooth = Heart - Bumpy = fingers, hand Colour - Red heart with black and grey background so that the red heart heart stands out in the picture to give more effect and feeling. Space -Shadows of light and dark are revolving around the heart and hand to create a dramatic effect. - Does not repeat Rhythm & Movement The mood of my musical piece is loneliness because in the song, it says " weak, i have been crying and crying for weeks, how'd I survive when i can barely speak, barley eat , on my knees", it's sad because this person is talking about how much his girlfriend makes him weak and makes him cry because of how much he loves her. The mood of the musical piece The mood of my visual art piece THANKS FOR WATCHING!
HOPE YOU LIKED IT ;) The mood of my visual art piece is joy because the picture shows two different people meet and become a perfect match and their heart is whole.
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