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Linis Gomez

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Processing

Medical applications
Communication applications
Billing systems, stock control and play roll applications
School management systems
School Management Systems are pretty complex. Most systems are based on a complex relational database, where we can find all the information related with the students. The database contains many tables of data, each table having many records and many fields. It is an integrate system, able to collect different data in a single application.
Publicity and corporate image publication
Robotics and production line control
Banking applications
Customers records are managed trough databases and spreadsheets.
Files and folders are now inserted into computers making the search of an specific record easier.
To reach the bank’s personal information digital passwords are required.
Laser and optical technologies are being used to secure the places where money is stored.
Credit and debit cards which have PIN codes or chips that store all the information of the costumers.
Communications between international banks is possible as all the branches are interconnected trough internet
Online services for the customer such as receiving money, check the account balance and transactions.
Mobile Banking applications and services that give the customer the opportunity of managing their finances from a mobile device.
Booking systems
They are a reservation system used to cope with booking requests from many different sources, all arriving at the same time. For example, flights can be booked by customers online, by travel agents in dozens of different offices, by businesses, etc.
Booking systems are real-time systems because this is what prevents double-booking: when a booking request arrives, the previous booking has already been fully processed.

What is it?
Batch Processing
Is an execution of preselected data through scripts, command-line parameters or job control language in a computer without manual intervention. It is used to process high volume of data.
Real Time Processing
Online Processing
Various equipment are controlled by a central processing unit that can be placed in the CPU or in a remote location (input)
When one change is made to the data stored in the computer the system automatically update and re-process to ensure that the information will be always updated.

Offline Processing
Any processing which takes place independently of the central processing unit.

Billing systems
Stock control
Play roll applications
The stock control software control regulate the amount of commodities stored.

The typical features of stock control software are:
Ensuring that products are on the shelf in shops in just the right quantity.
Recognizing when a customer has bought a product.
Automatically signalling when more products need to be put on the shelf from the stockroom.
Automatically reordering stock at the appropriate time from the main warehouse.
Automatically producing management information reports that could be used both by local managers and at head office.
For example the school platform for grades Cibercolegios went to a process where the person in charge could access to the application as “different persons” for examples as a teacher, as a student, as a parent, this to recognize the view of the others and the access they have to the contents of the application.
Movement of data in a computer that pass through a series of stages or sequence of actions to be analyzed and changed into useful information
Data processing that appears to take place, or actually takes place, instantaneously upon data entry or receipt of a command. It is a continual input, process and output of data (latency)
Real time processing does not have to be fast but quickly enough to control an output properly.

Since there´s no way to have a doctor or nurse working 24 hours for day, the monitoring system is going to help all those patients with special needs. So the data from several patients can be fed back to a central nursing station so that the nursing staff can see exactly what is happening in the ward.
Industrial robots
Used to:
Lift heavy items into from place to place.
Assemble parts together to create things.
Join parts together using glue, or by welding (melting metal).
Paint things.

1. Sensors
Detect what is happening on the production line, and send data to the computer so that it can decide what to do.
Switches / buttons - detect if something is touching them.
Pressure sensors - detect if something is pressing down on them.
Light sensors - detect if something is present (blocks the light).
Temperature sensors - detect if items are hot/cool enough.
Liquid level sensors - detect how much liquid is in a container.
Cameras - detect the shape / colour of objects.
How Do Computers Control Robots and Production Lines?
Product lines
A series of different products which form a group, all made by the same company.

Valentina Chaparro Muñoz
María Fernanda Bravo López
Lina Margarita Gómez Ávila
Eleven Grade
Elizabeth Duque
Robots often work in groups: one robot holds a part, while another one does something to that part.
Takes the data from the sensors, checks if anything needs to be done, then turns on/off various actuators to make things happen.

3. Actuators
The devices that make things happen on the production line: robots picking things up, conveyor belts moving, etc.
Motors - used to make almost everything move.
Valves - to turn on/off the flow of paint, etc.
Relays - turn on/off devices
Sorting data
Converting numbers into graphs
•The inputs are booking requests
•The processing involves checking if bookings are possible, and if so making the bookings
•The outputs are booking confirmations / rejections
Stock control programme
Playroll runs
Corporate image

Usually businesses and organizations develop an image to be recognized, and to be connected with the public, this is used on the website, on the documents, etc.
A corporate identity might consist of:
Image editing
Desktop publishing
Multimedia editing
Website design
5. A mascot / character to represent the organization
4. Set of fonts
3. Set of colours or themes
2. A jingle for advertising
1. A logo to be used on documents, e-mails, websites, etc.
Virtual platform that enables the connection of a particular webpage with a certain bank or institution that will receive the pay made by a user
The online billing management system mainly assist the enterprises to receive the payments form their customers.
Egg. Shops online, College payments
The online billing system’s facilities:
Customer database
Customer statement and reports
View invoices, sales report, pending payments

The play roll applications is use to verify the correct functioning of applications, especially a new one.

Since hospitals receive thousands of patients every week to have computerized databases is very useful, in order to record all the patient´s medical history so that every patient will have a correct diagnosis and a accurate treatment.
Body Scanners: they allow doctors to investigate about what is happening within the patient´s body without the need of a surgery.
Expert Systems: They output a list of possible diagnoses, and treatments

Monitoring of Patients
Diagnosis of illnesses
Managing Patient record
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