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No description

richard shu

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of bruchko

Kevin Da Slayer One day, kevin su was listening to Adolf Hitler's
tedious speech. After two hours, Hitler finaly
ended his speech.
Kevin su was staring into the Fuhrer's eyes. Kevin su kept staring at Adolf hitler and Hitler seemed to look back at him...
His lanky body disturbed kevin su so he left. Hitler walked off the stage as if he was
the chieftain of the German tribe. Kevin su was very interested in this person so he followed him into his bunker. Hitler turned around and screamned: YOU STALKER!! Kevin su was too obsessed that he didn't even blink. So Kevin su followed hitler inside, eyes still staring into hitler's soul. All of a sudden, a huge flood came rolling in from the stairway. The flood quickly engulfs them both. While kevin su was sitting on a chair Kevin su tries to escape by hanging onto the the sofa. The sofa started to move so he tries to swim emphatically against the flood. As he was being washed away, he heard
Hitler shouting. He couldn't make out what he
said so he just forgot about it. Hitler suffocated to death before his lungs could start convalescing. What Hitler wanted to say was," make a non-agression pact with Stalin!" Kevin knows this because he read Hitler's will and he was an expert at anthropology.
So he got up and went to the telephone.
He picked it up and pressed 1800-SOVIETS.COM. In his office, stalin picked up the phone.
He listened and thought, Wow Germany has a new leader and he wants to make a coalition. I guess i will sign the pact. Stalin with his new ally, KEVIN SU met in Berlin to talk about the pact. During the conversation, Kevin su clapped his hands and all of a sudden, five SS guerrilas jumped on Stalin. Stalin screamed! "Get off meeeerergfgsdf!!!" He was dragged away into a concentration camp. Kevin then goes back to the drawing board
that was filled with silhouettes of huge buildings. Kevin su thought about not having nazi ideas. He wanted to change the government and appease the citizens. Teh end
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