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Texas Regions and Subregions

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on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Texas Regions and Subregions

Texas Regions and Subregions
By: Ariana Monterrubio

Texas Regions and Subregions
The four main regions of Texas are Coastal Plains, Great Plains, Mountains and Basins, and the North Central Plains.
Coastal Plains
Subregions: Gulf Coastal Plains, Blackland Prairie, South Texas Plains, Post Oak Belt, and Piney Woods.
North Central Plains
The subregions consist of Cross Timbers, Grand Prairie, and the Rolling Plains.
Great Plains
Sub regions:
High Plains
Llano Basin
Edward's Plateau
Major Cities
Houston, Austin, Galveston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi
Natural Resources
& Physical Features
Oil, natural gas, grass, forest, soil, iron ore, and limestone are the natural resources found in this area.
In some regions near the coast, its low and
marshy, whereas dense
forests can be found in the east. Brush and prairie can also be found in this region.
People in this region make their money in several ways. Some raise animals and/or grow crops. Others are in the manufacturing or trade business. Others are employed in categories such as education, banking, or thhe military. Some people work with petrochemicals to make a living.
Major Cities
Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, San Angelo, Abilene, and Wichita Falls.
Natural Resources
Natural resources in this region include oil, coal, natural gas, gypsum, soil, and grass.
Examples of Gypsum
People in the North Central Plains have a wide variety of jobs. Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and recreation are some categories in which people work. Others work at military bases.
The Great Plains are located in northern Texas, and stretch down near the mountains and basins.
Major Cities
The major cities are Lubbock, Amarillo, Del Rio, Midland, Odessa, Fredricksburg, and Kerrvile.
Natural Resources
The natural resources found in the Great Plains are Helium, oil, natural gas, grass, granite, Ogallala Aquifer.
People in this region raise cattle, goat and sheep, hunt, grow and process pecans, or tour this region.
Major Cities:
The major cities in the Mountains and Basins region are El Paso, Presidio, Fort Davis, Pecos, Alpine, Marfa, Fort Stockton, and Van Horn.
Mountains and Basins
Natural Resources and
Natural Resources:
oil, clay, talc, natural gas, sulfur, gypsum, copper, shale rock, and limestone.
International trade, farming along the Rio Grande, tourism, oil refining, and military
bases are jobs that
you can have in this
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