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brooklin brown

on 18 March 2013

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Concentration Camp -Auschwitz was a one out of many. -The only sleeping arrangements were these uncomfortable little bunks that fit up to 5,000 men. -The only food they had to eat was a 1 piece of bread and a glass of water. -It is estimated that 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust. Six million of these were Jews. -These bunks also fit 3 men to a bunk. -The meaning of the sign means *Work Sets You Free* - When the Jews were escorted the camp they had to get photos taken. -Jews are known to have blond hair and blue eyes. -While Jews were held at the Camp they were giving striped pajamas to wear.

-The Officers had the Jews wear the striped pajamas, so they wouldn't have trouble telling them apart. -When the Jews arrived at the
camp they were told to take off their
clothes and replaced with striped
pajamas. - The Germans would also shave the Jews hair to make yarn used to knit socks. - Erich Von Dem Bach-Zelewski is the man in charge of this camp.

-He hated the Jews so much. -It was the largest Concentration Camp and most known camp.

-By 1942 it was a huge land of camps with 3 on or very near the main camp . -They would send the people at the concentration camp to work for the officers.

-They didn't care if you were a child, they still treated you as a adult. -5 million to 11 million people have died staying in those camps.

-This camp opened in May 1940. - Auschwitz had a swimming pool , Auschwitz had a resort for the SS officers.

-Auschwitz is made up of 3 camps with different purposes. -A lot of people died at the camp some were Jewish, Gypsies, Russian, Homos, and disabled Criminals, and Prisoners.

-Almost 3 quarters of the prisoners were killed as soon as they arrived at the camp. -Most of the people died of hunger,and the gas chambers.

-All the prisoners were numbered with ink carved into their right arm. -Officers offered the ladies an option called light work.. Which they soon found out meant "Prostitution".

-There were 170 female SS staff at Auschwitz. - Staff were also punished 750 out of 7000 were punished.

-There were only 500 survivors when the whole problem was over.
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