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Geography task Term 1

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Elizabeth Harris

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Geography task Term 1

Malaysia is a South East Asian country, located in the Northern hemisphere. It is part of a group of islands. The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, and the oceans surrounding Malaysia are the Indian ocean and the North Pacific ocean. The seas surrounding Malaysia are the South China Sea, Singapore Strait and the Strait of Malacca. The bordering countries of Malaysia are Singapore, Thailand and Kailamantan

Peru is a country in South America It's occupied in the Southern Hemisphere, the capital city of Peru is Lima. The oceans surrounding Peru is South Pacific ocean, the neighboring countries are Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.
Malaysia's driest month is September at 163mm of precipitation. Although in a big difference the average rainfall for Malaysia is 2378mm of precipitation. However, temperature falls between 27.4 degrees Celsius and 26.1 degrees Celsius. January has the lowest climate temperature.

Peru's climate here is mostly warm, there are deals of rainfall in Cutervo even in the driest month. The temperature here averages 14.0 Celsius, about 985mm of precipitation. precipitation is the lowest in July with an average of 30mm. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in march with the average of 138mm.
Built environment
The built Environment of Malaysia has been structured to suit a well developed country with all it's needs such as plumbing, water sources and food sources. Malaysian houses are mostly human made and are very modern the houses are clustered and put in lines, they use Red and white paint to eliminate sun heat.

Peru has a population of 29 million ( 29,180,900 ) instabled houses, old and small. There structure for their houses are not very well developed with sticks, wood, metal and with no glass windows.
The Malaysian peoples top 3 sports are 1: Lacrosse, 2: Touch Football and 3: Dodgeball.

The Peru peoples top 8 sports are 1: Football/soccer, 2: Taekwondo, 3: Rugby League, followed by Rugby Union 5: Volleyball 6: Surfing 7: Sailing and last but not least 8: Shooting.
Landscapes for Malaysia: Malaysia is very spacious, which provides a lot of area for landscapes because of the climate of Malaysia their is a lot of rainforest, which provides a tropical climate although sadly the deforesting of Malaysia is slowly increasing, there are also rivers, Grassland,mountains and oceans.

Landscapes for Peru: Peru is full of mountains one of the mountains is called Andes Mountain which runs straight through Peru, the coastal region of Peru is influenced by an ocean currant formally known as Numbold current. Tropical forest spread from 500m-200m. the republic of Peru measures a total 1.285.216 square kilometers.

How does the physical landcapes of places influence how people live.?

Production in Peru: Despite the Natural wealth of Peru, agriculture has received little attention and expenses. Agriculture employees represent 30% of the countries population. Peru's main exports are copper, gold, zink, textiles,chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The production for Malaysia is a lot like Peru the country is surrounded by water their main exports are electronics, rubber and palm oil processing, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, smelting, logging, timber processing, petroleum production, petroleum refining.

How the environmental characteristics influence the human characteristics
(vice versa)
The environmental characteristics influence Malaysia's Human characteristics: Because Malaysia is surrounded by water and they've got plenty of sea(s) around them and they've got plenty of exports that allow them to make a lot of money. Malaysia comes up as a very well developed country. the temperature of malaysia influences the games and lives they live.

How The Environmental Characteristics Influences The Human Characteristics?
(Vice Verca)
Peru is not entirely land locked, they're able to sustain very good life because the temperature effects their sports and landscapes. Their landscapes provide exports and exports for them provide money, which allows them to sustain a lifestyle. That is why Peru is a developed country.
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