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Our Mexican Vacation!

No description

Keonte Kendrick

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Our Mexican Vacation!

Our Mexican Vacation!
By George Fox and Keonte Kendrick
Mexico Facts
Capital: Mexico City
Population: 120,286,655
Currency: Pesos
Life Expectancy: 72-78 years
Literacy Rate: 92%
Main Language: Spanish
Main Religion: Catholic
Main Sport: Soccer
Day 1
(Tickets already purchased)-$1,164
8:00 a.m- Drive to Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport($15)
10:50 a.m- Board plane for Cancun, Mexico (departure at 11:10)
1:40 p.m- Arrive at Cancun International Airport
2:15- Rent a car for Fiesta Americana. $950
2:40- Arrive at Fiesta Americana.
2:55- Check in to hotel. ( $233.57)
3:10- Finish unpacking and take nap
5:00- BINGO!!! (You going down old people!)
8:00- Dinner($25 McDonalds)
9:00- Sleep

Money Spent:$2,387
Money Left: $3613

Day 2
Wake up: 9:00
Breakfast: 9:30 (McDonalds $15)
10:00- Go relax on the beach.
12:00- Lunch (McDonalds $20)
12:45- Go to Hotel Gym
1:30- Go do laser tag ( $35)
3:00- Go back to room for nap time
4:30- Kevin Hart comedy show ($60)
6:30- Authentic Aztec style massage($30)
7:00- Go partying on the strip
7:05- Get robbed. (-$200)
7:30- Get kidnapped by mystery people.

Money Spent:$360
Money Left:$3253

Day 3
10:00- Meet mystery man
10:30- Deliver secret package for mystery man
10:40- Find out package is a note on how to create machine guns and bombs
10:45- Run as fast as we can.
11:00- Run into martial arts dojo
11:20- Be trained in martial arts by awesome sensei ($60)
4:00- Black belts in Tai Kwon Doe
4:15- Eat dumplings with sensie
4:30- Sneak into secret hideout of mystery man
4:31-Get hit with knock out gas

Money Spent- $60.00
Money Left- $3,193
Day 4
5:00 a.m- Mystery guy wakes us up
5:30 a.m- Discover Mystery guy is actually the biggest drug lord in Mexico.
6:15 a.m- Have do deliver his "letter" to secret base or else...
6:30 a.m- "On the road again..." to Mexico City
11:45 pm- Arrive in Mexico City and meet drug lord's accomplices.
11:50 pm- Taken to secret base.

Money Spent: $75 (gas)
Money Left: $3118

Day 5
12:00 am- Give secret package to accomplices.
12:15 am- Taken to sleeping quarters. Locked inside
12:16 am- Try to come up with a way to get out before they realize we swapped the package with a fake.
12:20 am- Realize we still have our wallets, but money was stolen from it. Use credit cards as lock picks. (-$75 each)
3:30 am- Spend 3 hours trying to get out of the secret base.
3:55 am- Made it to the American Embassy in Mexico City and report the base to them
4:30 am- American Forces infiltrate base and arrest every person in base.
8:00 am- We are on the American News as national heroes.
8:30 am- President Barrack Obama gives us each a Medal of Honor for doing our country a heroic duty.
11:00 am- Are flown back to our hotel. Spend all day sleeping and recovering

Money Spent: $150
Money Left: $2968

Day 6
10:00 am- Eat breakfast at hotel (room service). ($40)
12:00 pm- Take a whale watching cruise. ($80)
3:00 pm- Get back to hotel, eat lunch. ($25)
3:15 pm- Get in car for all day cultural drive.
6:05 pm- Make it to Chichen Itza
6:15 pm- Go on a Mayan tour and go bird watching.($30)
7:30 pm- Get in car for Fiesta Americana
10:30 pm- Get back to hotel and sleep

Money Spent: $175
Money Left: $2793
Day 7
9:00 am- Wake up
9:30 am- Eat breakfast
10:00 am- Go to a local homeless shelter and
donate $1000 dollars.
10:45 am- Head back to hotel.
11:00 am- Play water polo. (hotel team)
11:30 am- Eat lunch at fancy steak house in the hotel. ($60)
12:25 pm: Make a bonfire. Use money as fuel supply (- $200)
1:00 pm: Go back to room and pack.
1:30 pm: Fuel up the car. (included with car rental)
2:00 pm: Leave for airport.
2:30 pm: Arrive at airport
2:35 pm: Drop off car.
2:45 pm: Check in
3:45 pm: Board airplane.
4:00 pm: Depart airport
6:30 pm: Arrive at DFW

Money Spent: $1260
Money Left: $1533

Keonte and George's Spring Break Fiesta
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