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The Strokes

No description

Vanessa Munoz

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Strokes

The Albums
Is This It
Room On Fire
First Impressions of Earth
Comedown Machine


Last Nite

You Only Live Once
Top Hits
The Strokes
My Favorite Band
Julian Casablancas
Albert Hammond Jr.
Nick Valensi
Fabrizio Moretti
Nikolai Fraiture
The Members
Singer, songwriter, musician

Side Projects:
Solo Album
Julian Casablancas- Phrazes for the Young
Cult Records
Julian Casablancas
The Virgins
Har Mar Superstar
Queens of the Stone Age
Daft Punk
The Lonely Island
Pearl Jam
Albert Hammond Jr
Julian Casablancas
Albert Hammond Jr
Yours to Keep

¿Cómo Te Llama?


Call Me Back & All the Time

Fun Fact
Nikolai Fraiture
The Time of the Assassins
Nick Zinner
Regina Spektor

2 kids with wife Illy Fraiture
Fabrizio Moretti
Little Joy
Los Hermanos
Nick Valensi
Married to Amanda De Cadenet
A set of twins
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