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Personal Creed Document

No description

Reagan Nielsen

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Personal Creed Document

Progressing To Perfection
All that I know...
I know that my Redeemer lives!
Family is central to the Plan of Happiness.
I can talk to my Heavenly Father any time about anything!
I know that because of justice, laws, and those who fight for our country I enjoy freedoms that many don't.
The ordinance of baptism/confirmation gives me an eternal companion and guidance.
I love that I can use my talents in any career I choose.
I know that making babies is special (you need to be married first!)
Mommy: It's okay to cry just remember there is always another side.
Dad: Work hard, Play hard, Endure.
Rachel: Forgive, repent, and DANCE!
Sister Vollmer: Cherish memories, faith can provide miracles, and "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, stand a little taller" (Clarkson)
Sister Myler: There is always a way to progress.
Future Priesthood Holding husband: stay eternally focus, "it won't be easy, but it will be worth it"
Mini me: reminds me of the example I need to set.
Shelby: Write your goals down, you can achieve anything!
Family: "I am keeping myself worthy and doing my part in maintaining our eternal family covenants."
Love: "I always remember to be grateful and to express my love to those who mean most.
Respect: "I obey the Word of Wisdom because I respect my body."
Religion: "I am an active member who seeks opportunities to share what makes me happiest!"
Honesty: "I am honest with myself about imperfections which with the Lord's help I can overcome.
Education: "I am working as hard as I can to earn my Nursing Degree and be the best mom/nurse I can be!"
Faith: "From my actions of upholding standards my faith is shown."
Self Worth: "I recognize my talents and seek to expand."
Atonement: "I will forgive myself and let the Lord judge righteously."
What I do, What I do about my Values.
1. I will be worthy to be married in the temple by reviewing my Patriarchal blessing often, repenting of my past, and renewing my recommend.
2. I will become an RN by completing the assigned readings, practicing a minimum of 1 hour in the lab, and seeking advice from instructors.
3. Eternal Marriage is only possible if I date those who are worthy and become worthy myself.
4. I will lose weight by seeking a weight loss companion, weighing weekly, and eating healthy.
5. I will stay close with my roommates by e-mailing weekly, attending important events, and showing support.
. . .
I know music is emotion from the <3.
I know my talents are different than others, but we all have them to teach others.
Trials are given to prepare for the future and strengthen testimonies.
Prophets are God's servants to lead us back to our Heavenly Father.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is TRUE!!!!
Lead me, Guide me, Walk beside me.
Teach me all that I must know...
Heavenly Father

I am unique. I am a daughter of God with characteristics and gifts given to benefit my life and those I choose to associate with. I am the one and only Reagan Marie Nielsen with a divine purpose and identity given by our Heavenly parents. Some characteristics guide our career choices, other lead to friendships, but all of these traits and abilities contribute to the person’s perceived individual worth.
One of my most dominate and complemented characteristics, is of being compassionate. Compassion can be defined as, “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering” (Dictionary.com). I am a sappy, over emotional, lady who can talk and hug a mere acquaintance, and cry with a single picture. My emotions are high when it comes to others suffering I feel a need to comfort, offer advice, or alleviate the pain. This attribute I know is a trait, given by God to help me become more Christ-like. As the scriptures counsel in Mosiah 18:9, “are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort.” This scripture has given me strength knowing that at least in one aspect, I have developed and been blessed with the gift of compassion which Christ showed so graciously on this Earth. Also when recognizing this as a major strength I was able to consider career options that expounded on my ability to comfort. I am currently pursuing a career in nursing which allows me to use my Christ-like attribute to comfort those who need comfort, and mourn with those who need someone to mourn with.

Another strength that I feel has guided my life is my ability to see both sides of an argument, to see misunderstandings, and to take a step in another individual’s shoes. This talent isn’t something I always had, but I developed while growing up with a counselor. My mother is an elementary school counselor, so many times I heard the common questions; “And how do you think that made your sister feel?” or “Can it mean anything else?” My mom taught me to ponder feelings, question responses, and to learn from others. This trait has helped me in finding friends and building trusting relationships with others. For example just this last week my roommate was told by her boyfriend that he wasn’t ready for marriage just yet and that he wanted to become more financial stable in order to support his future family. My roommate was in distress, concerned and upset that he didn’t want to get engaged right now. She worried over the price of wedding supplies increasing, and even wondered how much time it would really take. When telling me the story and relaying her concerns I had to laugh, she hadn’t taken his response as an uplifting message but a point of concern. Her boyfriend didn’t break up with her nor did he say he never wanted to get married. He confined in her to avoid unnecessary concern by assuring her that he was striving to protect and offer the best for the one he loved. I had to explain to her that at least he cared, that he wanted to put her at peace knowing that she was the one it was just not the right time. These experiences let me know that no matter the circumstances there is always another view and always a hidden blessing.
The Key to Me
Lastly I feel blessed to have learned the value of experts. Throughout the years I have been told that I follow directions well, that I respond to being taught very positively, and that I know my place in relation to others. This trait isn’t always easy and doesn’t always end positively but in the end you will gain many mentors, skills, and tips which lead to success. One example that really displayed my ability to listen to value my determination to follow those with success was with high school academics. During my senior year I was known to be obsessed with academic progression, I didn’t spend much time socially but I did involve myself in school. I was fascinated with medicine and sought out extra opportunities to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) and joined HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) which linked me to the medical world. I did my senior project on my own time and audited the class room course in order to take other classes. I took dual enrollment credits through Idaho State University to jump start my college experience with a total of 30 college credits come graduation. I was dedicated to school and loved learning. Although I wouldn’t advise others to take on this much and to avoid being social, I also don’t regret the effort I put forth. I became one with my teachers, asking questions to clarify and seeking advice to get ahead. I knew that my teachers were experts in their field and wanted the best for me and my studies. I knew the value of those above me, I didn’t assume I knew more but grew with each lesson.
One of my most severe and handicapping weaknesses is my fear of not being accepted. I care about the opinions of others to the point that it affects my ability to love me for me and accept my uniqueness. I tend to over analyze situations, thinking through what others would think and how they will respond. I avoid certain activities, or opinions that aren’t in favor of those I am around. I tend to adapt to my environment and withdraw my personal perspective. I tend to do things that aren’t the best because they are socially acceptable and am afraid of rejection. I tend to hid in the crowd in unfamiliar places and let others lead. This weakness is very harmful for my spirituality and being able to focus on progressing. This exercise of interviewing others and noticing what they view as my strengths has really helped my insecurity. Also I was surprised to see that my friends see me as outgoing and a leader, yet it is in a group who already accepts me. To overcome this weakness I have really had to trust the Lord and focus on the fact that each of us are children of our Heavenly Father and that each of us have unique characteristics and talents. Although I have made progress, it is the continuous motion of remodeling my social window to permanently reverse my weakness to a motivating strength.
...There is alot to a girl like me!
6. My family will know I love them because I express it, call weekly, and come home when possible.
7. I will build a respectful relationship with my nursing instructors by expressing concerns, and giving full attention during class.
8. I will honestly follow the BYU-I standards by reading them often, ask questions, and express concerns.
9. I will be an example of my faith by staying true to my standards, surrounding myself with the Spirit, and reviewing my Patriarchal blessing often.
10. I will be grateful by having polite manners and serving others.
11. I will use the atonement with help from
my bishop and Savior.
Golden Goals
~ Forgive and Forget ~
1. I will leave the situation and allow time for emotions to settle and anger to become reasonable
2. I will vent to my mother and seek advice. She always seems to help and offer new ideas.
3. I will try to look at it from other perspectives
4. I will pray for the Lord’s guidance and help in understanding.
5. I will meet with the individual and express our feelings in a factual state trying to avoid including anger, hate, or other negative feelings.
6. Seek forgiveness and offer an apology
7.Seek help from priesthood authority if needed.
•One time my dad was at scout camp and had told us at home that he would come home a couple days early. Somehow his phone had died, he didn’t have a charger, and at camp there was no service, which served for a very stressful wait. Dad didn’t come home the planned day and without contact we anxiously waited. As the day turned into night our apprehension turned into fear of the worst possible. I remember during this time being grateful for the covenants my parents had made in the temple and the fact that my family would be sealed for time and all eternity. At that moment my testimony of the temple was strengthened and my goal to make it to the temple was set in stone!

•Becoming a foster family for a child in need really made in impact on the importance of service and knowing that we are all children of God. See her make progress helped me to realize the influence a family based on the principles and doctrines of the gospel and who show love continuously affect our life. I never knew how lucky I was to be born to a loving family and to have the gospel in my life!

•Being accepted into the BYU-Idaho Associate Nursing program is a point that will impact my future in the career aspect, family aspect, and financial aspect. I also felt a feeling of accomplishment and knew that I was capable of anything I put my mind to.

•The summer after my Freshman year of high school I visited my Grandma who we had lost contact with and were trying to rebuild relationships with. She had moved away with a new man and had a history of alcohol abuse. We had seen an improvement and were given the opportunity of a couple of us grandchildren to travel with her man’s parents to visit for a week. Little did we know that the man’s parents would only drop us off and be back at the end of the week. During that week we saw the impact divorce had on an individual and the consequences of breaking the Word of Wisdom. This strengthened my testimony of the Lord’s plan of happiness and made an impression on me to always obey the Word of Wisdom and never forget/neglect my relationship with my family.

•In 3rd grade I wasn’t accepted into the Accelerated Learning Program and was devastated. I took this as news of being stupid, not as good as others, and it really upset me that I couldn’t participate since my sister had been in the program growing up. I believe this experience is what allowed me to work hard in the academic aspect and to achieve success. If it wasn’t for this experience I don’t believe I would have had the desire to strive and be the Valedictorian for my class. I also give this experience credit for my work habits and my success in scholarship selection.
Making a difference in the life of another...
•Michelle Vollmer:
oSister Vollmer has been in my ward all my life and has been my ultimate teacher of forgiveness, faith, and making the most of life. Thirteen years ago Sister Vollmer and her family got in a car accident during the holiday seasons. In the accident she lost her only daughter who was 7 years old, her 3 sons all suffered minor broken bones, and she was left paralyzed from the rib cage down. Although during the month of March she suffers great depression, she as never failed to fulfill her Church responsibilities. She is a great example of strength and faith in the Lord can help with any hardship and assist with all weakness.

•Mrs. Teshima
oAlison Teshima was one of my high school teachers for home preparedness, all healthcare classes, and to complete my senior project. She praised me for my accomplishments and had very high expectations for me. She never failed to show that she believed I could accomplish anything and was always there for me when stressed or needing advice. Mrs. Teshima also further instilled a desire to serve in the healthcare field as she help me use my strengths, personality, and talents.

•Andrea Myler
oSister Myler was my Young Women’s President from my sophomore year until leaving the program. She never failed to welcome me and make sure I was involved. Since I lived and went to church in a different town than I went to school and lacked the social aspect of mutual, she made it a goal to include me and reach out. She also was a great example of forgiveness. Before I had ever known her, her daughter was murdered from a man who her husband had hired. It would have been very easy for Sister Myler to be angry with God, to ask why me, and to lose faith in the doctrine of eternal marriage but instead she turned to the Lord. She sought the Lord’s guidance and the Holy Ghost’s companion on how to handle the situation and to make it through this hard time. She is one of the strongest women I know and never forgets to recognize the Lord’s hand in ALL things.

•Alair Palmer
oAlair Palmer has been my mile down the road, country neighbor all my life. She has taught by example the importance of compliments and being kind. Many times she has complimented my outfit, talents, or just showed she cared in the slightest way. She also was kind to everyone she saw, service was an everyday thing. I also was friends with her oldest daughter so I saw the positive affect of encouragement and love in the home. I have never heard her raise her voice or shut out other in hard times, she is a positive people person!

•Jim Paul
oI had the opportunity to work for this gentleman and he always made a habit to give to those less fortunate than him and to show continuous family support. He was a fairly wealthy farmer and recognized others with needs. I look up to his generous efforts and how devoted he was to his family and friends.

•Derek Permann
oDerek was a high school lover who made me feel special and gave me confidence to be myself. Although most of our time together was enjoyable I also learned a valuable lesson from his mistakes. He is one that is very influenced by others and tends to slip with his standards. I learned the importance of sticking to standards and not being afraid of boredom or lonely times, they weren’t a reason for letting down standards or making mistakes.
Moving Moments
To be the mother I want to be,
An example of what Christ likes to see,
My children always coming to me,
A life made of smiles, not based on money,
My husband and I happy as can be.
We will live as a family in the eternities.
As I strive to live the gospel, each and every day,
My life will be blessed in each and every way.
Happiness and joy is what I will receive,
THIS is what I believe.
Motto of my Life
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