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Are Fathers Necessary for Children's Well-Being

No description

Megan Bird

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Are Fathers Necessary for Children's Well-Being

Lesbian Couples
Murray and Golombok (2005)
single parents offer fewer resources
Are Fathers Necessary for Children's Well-Being?
Mendle (2009)
fathers have a considerable influence on children's sexual behavior in adolescence
Fatherless children develop mistrust
Harper (2004)
fatherless teens at higher risk of incarceration
socioeconomic status may exacerbate problem

Human Fertilization and Embryology Act (1990)
Revised in 2008
Weissenberg, Landau, and Madgar (2007)
Few showed little interest in school and had problems with teachers
Choi and Jackson (2012)
moms welcome non-resident father's involvement
Borke (2007)
father sensivity during play interations predicts child attachment later

Children were socially and emotionally stable
Had significantly greater competence scores on the Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment
MacCallum and Golombok (2004)
Children did not have raised levels of emotional or behavioral problems
Boys did show an increase of feminine characteristics
Consistent peer relationships and self-esteem as children in father present families
Golombok and Badger (2009)
Lower behavioral related problems:
Increased levels of self-esteem and confidence
36% out of 5.2 billion from K-12 live without their fathers

DeBell (2007)
current society
Evolutionary psychology
Women can now work
Higher risk to develop Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
lower grades, repeat grade, dislike school
DeBell (2007)
the more involvement in boys life, the lest to:
aggressive behavior
delinquency/criminal activity
Sarkadi, Krisiansson, Obeklaid, & Bremberg (2007)
Female and father involvement
the same for females
Allgood et al. (2012)
daughters judgement on actual involvement rather than the nature involvement of father
Geller, cooper, Schwartz-Soicher, & Mincy (2012)
children with absent fathers
experience less financial and economic support, as well as house instability
children with father
Are healthier
Debell (2007)
lack of interaction
Murray, Golombok (2005)
even in donor implantation families (DI) with single mothers offer less interactions than married DI families
Children from solo mothers were not impaired cognitively, emotionally, or socially
Geller (2012)
Having a father who is incarcerated can have behavioral and emotional effects on children
Parental Incarceration vs Parental Absence
Cycle of Incarceration
Landreth and Lobaugh (1998)
Alexandre (2011)
Bad influence
Children at age six perceived themselves as less cognitively and physcially competent, by age 12 this belief had dissipated
Self-reporting articles
Information could be biased by mother's responses
Mother reporting domestic or child abuse
Fathers are NOT unimportant but can be merely unnecessary
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Hostility
- Problematic alcohol use
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