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No description

Nathan Thorn

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Finland

Finland is a country that is located up in the northernpart of Europe, Its the 8th biggest country in Europe, And a Population of 5.4 Million.
From Cranbrook to Finland its 7,158km
Finland has a climate of -22 to -3c .
One of the Landmarks of Finland Olavinlinna Castle
Weather Online-Last Updated 2016-http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/reports/climate/Finland.htm

This Is Finland-Last Updated 2015-https://finland.fi/life-society/main-outlines-of-finnish-history/

Google-Last Updated 2016-https://www.google.ca/

Time for Kids-Last Updated 2015-http://www.timeforkids.com/destination/finland/history-timeline

Study In Finland-Last Updated 2016-http://www.timeforkids.com/destination/finland/history-timeline

World Post, Ancient Finnish Sword Found Buried-Last Updated 2016-http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/19/finnish-swordsman-buried-two-blades_n_4304980.html

Finland Natural Resources-Lat Updated 2016-http://www.indexmundi.com/finland/natural_resources.html
This is the Olavinna Castle. The Co-ordinates of Finland on a map for Longitude/Latitude is 61.9241° N, 25.7482° E.
Artifacts from Finland
1917 the Russion Revolution ended and Finland Declared Independence
Jan 1918 Finland was torn apart by a bloody war that ended in May 1918
1995Finland joined the United Nation
2000 Finland elected it's first female president Tarja Halonen
2002 Finland converted to using Euros over Markka (5.95 Markka = 1 Euro)
Sauli Niinisto Finlands 2016 President
Political Science
Finland's Government Is a Democracy which is when everyone votes for leader
Why Is Finland Like Canada?
They are both Modern Countries
Both higher tech countries
Finland's Tax Rate
For 2016 Finland's tax rate is 51.6%
Finland's education
University Tuition is 1500 a year for Bachelors Master's
For Student in school it costs 6720E a year
Finland Social Programs
To see a doctor it will cost about 20.90E per
Who: a buried mans two swords
What: two rusted swords scientists found
Where: in an area down in southern Finland
When: November 20th 2013
Why: scientists want to learn about the
people living in the Hame area of Finland
The Two Swords Found Buried with a Dead Swordsman
Finland's Natural Resources
timber, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, chromite, nickel, gold, silver, limestone
Finland's Trade Partners
Russia, Sweden, Germany, US, UK and The Netherlands
Finland Currency Is Euro's

One Event that Happened in Finland:
Finland Plane Crash
Who: 8 Finnish Parachutists
What: 8 people died in a plane crash parachuting
Where: 45m East of Pori, Finland
When: April 20 2014
Why: Parts fell of plane while in the air
The End
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