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Starchy On EGG

No description

freeman fulwiley

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Starchy On EGG

I will talk about Materials
Artist reference
Show images of the process
Talk about the concept and explain the concept in detail

Artist reference
Maurice Mbikayi
This was another step to bring my world of art and my personal life together
I wanted to show another location that influenced my life
By doing so I' m taking another step into the process of the revolution
Last time... or a few minutes in this presentation
Talk about materials
Artist References
Shown you the process
Talk about the concept understanding and bringing two worlds together
Rabbit skin glue
Shredded paper
Computer monitor and keyboard
Aluminum foil
Matte board
Starchy On EGG
In this Presentation
Anti social network I & II
Digital Plague
How??? You say.. Well....
Robichaux Park
9247 S Eggleston Ave
Five classes are no joke
People will want to come to an understanding when they know about another person's world Aka Universal Conceited Consciousness
Look forward to a Freemanite bunny next time
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