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Smartphone Industry PEST Analysis

No description

Carli D'Antonio

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Smartphone Industry PEST Analysis

Smartphone Industry
PEST Analysis

Political Influences
Mobile devices make it easier for bullies to carry out bullying 24/7
schools must implement rules against cyberbullying to protect students
smartphones increase=bullying increase
Foreign countries are upset about costly roaming fees
Economic Influences
Consideration to customer's economic situations
iPhone5c: half the cost
Prices are fair for products
Recession and poor economy can lead to a drop in the market
shipped 19% fewer products during recession in Japan
Socio-Cultural Influences
People are demanding less
less to put out for people
harder to innovate new things
Newest smartphones symbolize high status
Research through focus groups and surveys to understand trends
found that teens are most accepting to new models
Technology Influences
Main competition: Apple vs. Android
All big technological "holes" have been plugged
Every phone is like an iPhone
They're the fastest speed possible
Speed of innovation is slowing down
New charger=customers must purchase new accessories
Apple has been first to introduce new camera flash
Fingerprint scanning technology
Improved battery life
Advances in Technology
Samsung versus Apple
There is legal conflicts between Samsung and Apple
Program software is extremely similar and raises question of patent infringement
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