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Mass Incarceration

No description

Omkar Sawardekar

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Mass Incarceration

Mass Incarceration and Race in the US US rates of Incarceration Incarceration for Non-violent crimes Incarceration and Race 1 in 106 Adult White Males is Incarcerated 1 in 36 Adult Hispanic Males 1 in 15 Adult Black Males is Incarcerated Incarceration Statistics 2.1 million incarcerated
4.8 million on probation
Growth of 700% from 1970 - 2005
General population growth - 44%
Parallel decrese in crime rates 9X more likely than whites Implications on Felons More black men in correctional system than slaves in 1850's Impact on Employment
No access to government benefits 75% return to crime & prison Implications on Communities High-risk sexual behavior, AIDS, due to disruption of relationships
Impact on children due to incarcerated parents
Financial and emotional strain on families War on Drugs 1971 - Launched by President Nixon
Accounts for 2/3 of increase in prison population in the past 50 years
Public awareness driven by media's portray of drugs
Reagan & Clinton expanded drug war
$51 billion spent annually on drug war
Waged in poor black neighborhoods Policy Drivers of Mass Incarceration Zero-tolerance laws
Mandatory sentencing laws
Three-strikes laws
Truth in sentencing For-profit Prisons Implications of Mass Incarceration Policy Drivers of Mass Incarceration Began in 1990 - 1600% increase, role of ALEC
Shareholders are promised profits
Nearly all federal prisons built between 2000 - 2005
Incarceration rates tied to profits
Advocate for tighter laws
Correlates with imprisonment of undocumented immigrants In Summary US rates of Incarceration
Role of race
Policy Drivers
For-profit prisons
Endemic nature of system
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